SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Sakuraori 18

>>Product featured in this post was provided free of charge by the brand / PR for consideration<<

I find that eye shadow palettes, even with their beautiful selection of colors don't always easily lend themselves to an intuitive application.  This was the case with SUQQU's new permanent quad, Sakuraori.

It is absolutely beautiful in the case.  The genius of the brand is often how colors are composed and selected to be in one palette in a way I would never put together.  It let's me run on auto pilot and not have to wrack my pitiful little brain about what colors would play nicely.

As seen in the more recent permanent releases from the brand, each of the shades have some level of shimmer.
Here are swatches clockwise from the top left:
  • very pale, near-white pink with scattered bright white, pink and green shimmer.  On my skin, this shade has a lot of translucency and applies on my lids as just bright shimmer.
  • warm satin pink with very fine pale golden shimmer.
  • strongly pigmented dark peach with intense, fine coppery shimmer
  • deeper neutral to cool brown that is fancied up with lots of shimmer - gold, green, pink and yellow
All the shades, even the higher intensity shimmer ones have exquisitely smooth textures that apply and blend easily.  Much more so than the limited edition Haruhinata EX-25 (here), this one has a much more vibrant look and pigmentation.
I found that with the textures being more or less uniform (either very shimmery like the pale color, or slightly satiny sheen like the pink), these colors don't layer in a manner that is particularly useful to me.  Complex shimmer it has, yes, but the resulting colors don't make me giggle like a school girl.
Do click on any one of the pictures to get a closer look.  You'll see all sorts of hidden glints of shimmer, texture of how they sit on the skin and when you click on a face picture all sorts of random hairs.  Goody.
A quick look at the two palettes, Haruhinata and Sakuraori.  The intensity of Sakuraori is clearly a few notches higher than the more subtle Haruhinata.
L to R: Haruhinata, Sakuraori
Regarding certain palettes not having intuitive placements that jump out at me as soon as I crack open a palette...  Sakuraori got me scratching my noggin because the pink and deep coppery peach (let's say "orange" as shorthand) are not normally colors I would put together.  I've only just recently gotten over my fear of pink eye shadows.
The old 2nd generation SUQQU palettes (01-06) are easy for me because I have a default layering placement which has a foundation of the dark matte that is always in those palettes.  Sakuraori has no mattes and the dark brown isn't all that dark.  *scratches head some more*
Take #1:
Here's a placement I tried, which I didn't really like.  I had used the dark brown around the upper and lower lashlines to define.  I used the pink as the main lid shade up to the crease and in the inner part of my lower lash line.  And then I used the orange as a crease shade.  The pale white-pink was patted into the center of the mobile lid.
other stuff: Tom Ford Foundation Stick, SUQQU Nuancing Blush 03*, SUQQU Bright Up in Akaanzu 07, Tom Ford Espresso pencil
Not that it looked bad, but there was something a little deflating and tiring about this placement of shades.
Here's another view of my face with more direct natural light.  I think the dark brown and orange were making a bit draining looking.

"I'm so tired!"  *yawn*  "or my makeup makes me look tired!"
Take #2:

I thought taking a more aggressive placement stance with the orange would either make or break this other placement.  In this case, I used the orange much much judiciously, as the main lid shade as well as on the lower lashline.  I used the pink this time as the crease color and the darker brown in just to define the outer section of my upper lid and the outer portion of the lower lashline.
Some other tweaks that made this look fresher: a more defined lashline via a dark gel liner (also waterline) with SUQQU liner in Jet Bordeaux, a more contrasting echo to the orange eyes by using a cooler pink on the lips which further echos the orange/pink of the palette.  Lipstick is a SUQQU Bright Up in Barairo (here).

I actually thought this would be more of a slam dunk easy palette, but it ended up being a bit more thoughtful placement of the colors on the eyes as well as on the lips.
I am really happy to have discovered a way to wear this palette that looks very fresh!  This palette is absolutely unique among the others I own and it is very welcome in my collection.   I have already started to think about depotting and rearranging my Z-Palettes, of course.

What do you think of this one?  I think many of you passed on the limited edition and purchased this one.  Have you had a go at different placements?  I would love to know what worked well for you!

I have a few more bits of the SS collection including the blush* shown in this post to share with you, so please stay tuned. :D

SUQQU is available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Harrods, Selfridges and Selfridges on line. This quad is available now on Selfridges (here). My friend Sara recently posted a detailed review here.  Many thanks to SUQQU from sending me this palette to try out.

Disclosure: this post features a products(*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration. However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

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