Surprising Implements

I've known good or great tools make a difference in many areas - be it makeup application with brushes or a great sharp knife with a well balanced handle and blade.

Here's another one that knocked me off my feet, the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler.  I don't do any hair related posts on the blog because generally I don't give two poops about my own.  But it is a big part of my life as a mom.  My two girls have beautiful silky straight hair and what the hell is it with little kids and crazy tangles?!  Immune to conditioner and detangling sprays, they emerge from showers, sleeping, and breathing with a rat's nest of tangled hair.  Combing wet or dry hair results in some tears, hurt feelings and running away as soon as they see me wielding a comb. 

I admit, on some days, I sent them off to school looking like they've been cuddling an electric socket with a paper clip. 

Yes, I am that mom.

I purchased this color Feline Groovy from Sephora (here - all links are not affliate links, fyi), opened up the clear plastic box it came in and held the palm sized brush in my hand.  I cowboy wrangled my big kid and while holding her down forcefully while she yelled "NOOOOOOoooOOOoo," and stroked the brush with its plastic variegated bristles through her hair.  I felt her go limp in my arms.  It wasn't with resignation of certain defeat - along with pulled out hair and tears, she turned around to face me and we both went "Woah."
We can have beautiful hair every day, mom.
Each subsequent strokes eased through tangles like a hot knife in butter (yum, did someone say butter?).  And then... hair, glossy untangled hair unfurled into beauty in front of my eyes.  And since the little Belly kid having heard of this miracle toy willingly also subjects herself to the brushing with the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler.
It also works with wet hair, too.  We have straight hair in my family, but I've also heard it works on curly hair as well.  My own hair is free of tangles, but THIS THIS IS A LIFESAVER for my kids!  I don't know if you tried this yet on your own spawn or on your own head, but if not, this is AMAZE-OMG-BYE-TANGLES!
I see my life now wide open with no tangles in front of it.  Praise be random Sephora cart fillers.  R'Amen.

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