THREE 4D Eye Palette in 01 Party Monster

The name seems to suggest BRIGHT YELLOW!  PARTY!  SOMETHING LURID!  Or maybe you are reminded of that film Party Monster based on the hard-partying life and ways of the King of the Club Kids and murderer Michael Alig.  Let me spoil this post for you at this time:

There was hardly even a whimper of a party.
Not even a one.
To me, this color composition has a very off balance and disconcerting amalgamation of colors.  I feel like you can cut this quad of colors in half horizontally and it would make a nice balanced set of duos that has depth balance and tonal harmony.

As it stands as a quad, there's an off-kilter grouping of (clockwise from the yellow):
  • clear bright yellow that is cool and reflective.  It contains many brightly colored micro shimmers. It has a translucent yellow base which is further enhanced by the pale but bright yellow shimmers.
  • cool brown cream shade with heaps of golden and red shimmers.
  • a glitter top coat that looks beige pink in the pan and swatches clear based on the skin with pale pinky white and silvery shimmers.
  • silky reddened brown satin shade (the real powder shade in this quad).

It looks a little odd to me because the mix of cool yellow & cool brown with the pinky beige and reddened brown don't feel particularly complementary.  While not jarring, it is still weird looking to me.  Maybe that's the point of Party Monster.  Happy looking with the bright yellow, but still awkward on the inside when you look closely.  This is like me making googly eyes at a dip & chips platter at the party while trying at the same time to put on my party game face.  :(  Awkward Belly is Awkward.
Despite all the yellow tones in my natural skin color, when I wear Party Monster, I feel this is the least flattering compared to the olive/blues of My Blue Heaven and charcoal-brown/pink of Astro Girl.  Maybe the colors have to work hard trying to harmonize with my skin when they are colors that have a lot of similarity with my skin tone--- similar, but different.  I get the same slightly ick feeling when I see something like a deep forest green juxtaposed next to a bright acid green.  Both green, but not sitting comfortably together.  
Sad Belly is Eyeing the Chips

Burberry Earthy on cheeks, THREE Edith's Whisper on lips
Not that I am saying this is a terrible quad or anything.  If anything, despite that eye-searingly bright yellow shade, as is the case of the other two quads, the application is very subtle and wearable.
I forced the flash in the picture below (as I had no bright sunlight) to showcase the shimmers in this quad.  Of the three of my recent purchases, I find this to be my least favorite.  I think there will be perhaps more neutral skin tones that would carry off this particular quad better than I can!  Just not me! Not meeee! 

A quick wrap up of my recent THREE posts:
From L to R: 01 Party Monster, 02 My Blue Heaven, 03 Astro Girl
I thought you might like a shot of two of the three quads together (minus the satin shade from each palette).

Monster Monster, My Blue Heaven and Astro Girl.  Seen all together, the brights are very pretty and candy like.  Look at the pretty reflected duo chrome effect on the creams.
 With a bit of the shimmers showcased in the below picture and the tonal differences of the cream shades are more apparent here.

I think in truth, I should have stopped once I purchased 09 Star Guitar, 04 Art of Parties and 10 Mystery Girl.  While the pretty neutral-but-more looks possible with My Blue Heaven and Astro Girl are appealing indeed, my recent experience with the creams drying and my general large stash of neutral palettes make these additions not my best decisions.  And Party Monster particularly isn't as special on me and I think Mystery Girl makes a much more flattering brown quad.

In conclusion, candy brights = wearable neutrals.  The End.

Surprising Implements

THREE 4D Eye Palette in 03 Astro Girl