Rouge Bunny Rouge Matte Eye Shadows in Papyrus Canary, Bashful Flamingo and Sweet Dust Seriema

Happy news, for those of us based in the US.  In addition to the few other mainly web-based retailers (Beautyhabit being my favorite for so many things), Rouge Bunny Rouge's own website (here) is now a formidable contender for best place to order from.  They used to ship from Europe, so the shipping costs were very expensive.  They seem to have a new distribution area in the US now which means much more reasonable shipping.  More reasonable equates to free for orders above $25 and $4.95 for orders below that minimum.  I like free.

In one of their marketing emails to which I am subscribed, they announced that their matte eye shadows are now available as refills!  It had boggled my mind why (maybe inventory surplus?) why not all of their shadows were available as refills.  And with the announcement I placed the order (noticed the shipping as well and maybe I picked up one of their new sheer lipstick formula colors).

The order arrived in less than a week and I was also agog that the box was FULL OF BUBBLE WRAP.  LIKE FULL.  Every single little item (including a gift with purchase box of porcelain novelties) were wrapped in bubble wrap.  The samples which they included of fragrances were also wrapped in bubble wrap... individually.  I am going to be recycling that bubble wrap into my outgoing boxes for a long time to come.

Here is what I purchased.  (I apologize for the unevenness of the lighting here.  The clouds kept on playing peek-a-boo with the sun the whole time).

I guess it is a good a time as ever to admit that Sweet Dust Seriema is a re-purchase of a purge.  I gave it away to a very cool-toned friend because have to say that SDS as a main lid color makes me look like I'm suffering from the flu.  I plan on varying the color placement a bit more, such as a subtle crease shade.  Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder or the brain go softer?
The other two shades are Bashful Flamingo and Papyrus Canary.  Both are very pale toned shades.  I have need in my (giant) stash for a pale blending shade.

The refills, which are magnetized, which I put into my free-form Z Palette, come in small cardboard envelopes.  The top one with the white botanical print is the order design as Papyrus Canary was an existing refill shade.  The newer one is an all-black envelope with the shinier imprint of the botanical design.
Each outer envelop holds a bi-fold card into which the actual eyeshadow pan is tucked in.  It keeps the pan very well protected.  (Or is it the nine pounds of bubble wrap?  Not sure).
The three new shades join the other three I already own in my RBR matte eye shadow collection.  Clockwise from the lower left: Papyrus Canary, Bashful Flamingo, Sweet Dust Seriema, Go Grey Away Lourie, Chestnut-napped Apalis, Blackpepper Jay.  It seems Go Grey Away Lourie no longer appears on the RBR website and not sure if it is no longer available. 

It makes me a little twitchy that I own the larger depotted pans of the singles for some shades and the smaller refill pans of the other shades.
I have swatches on my skin of these shades.  I am between NC15-20 on my arm, or so.
  • Papyrus Canary -- is a yellow-toned "skin" shade (as far as for someone of my skin tone goes).  I think in particular this shade would make THE blending shade for me.  Shades like this, boring as they are tend be be very versatile as well because they can also add as a base shade to smooth and even out the coloration on the lids, in addition to blending.
  • Bashful Flamingo -- pale neutral pink toned color.  On my arm, I see the differences are quite subtle.  Actually wonder if it is a closer match to my skin tone.
  • Sweet Dust Seriema -- Ah we meet again, shade.  It is a cool mauve taupe with a slight hit of a grey and cool brown.  Perfect My Influenza Face But Better Shade.  I will report back on how this shade works out.
  • Chestnut Napped Apalis -- is what I often use for my default blending shade.  As you can see, it is several ticks darker than my skin and makes a nice crease shade actually.  It is a warm yellow brown shade.
  • Go Grey Away Lourie -- is a well balanced grey.  It doesn't turn blue on my skin which is what many greys alchemical trick.  I hope it isn't discontinued.  
  • Blackpepper Jay -- is the darkest matte shade of the RBR lot.  It is a cool dark grey.   

Very subtle pale shades of Bashful Flamingo (top) and Papyrus Canary (bottom)
One more shot of some of the smoothest, most beautifully textured matte eye shadows that I own.
I was wobbling about perhaps getting some other ready-made matte eye shadow palettes, but I think I see I have the perfect set already.  Heart full, arm full of beautiful matte shadows, am happy.

What are some of your very favorite brands for matte eye shadows?  Have you tried the ones for Rouge Bunny Rouge?

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