Rouge Bunny Rouge Single & Refill Eye Shadow - Swatch Set

If you feel like you've seen this post from me before, it's because you have (here)!  I always harbored the idea (unrealistic, too) that it would be nice to go back and re-take some old photographs.
I featured the matte eye shadows recently (with an appropriate rave- here) and wanted to just put out these swatches of the rest of the singles.
My preference in eye shadows have evolved over time.  It's evolved even over the time I've been doing this blog.  I used to really love rich textures and dense pigmentation. And complex shimmer has and remains steady as a love.

Something I've definitely landed on over time is that I actually enjoy eye shadow formulas that are considered more sheer.  It might even have something to do with my skin tone getting a bit paler so a sheerer color works just fine.  And a big contributor is also changes in my skin as I get older.  While not exactly crepey or even wrinkled so much, there's some loss of evenness of skin texture on my lids and a bit around my eyes.  Some brands (previously well loved), don't look so great on me anymore!  It was a sad realization.  I've gotten rid of my old Burberry Sheer eye shadows (original formula), and all my Addiction eye shadows.

Despite this change in preference, I still love the rich feel, density and texture of my Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows!  I love how they apply, blend and last and how they look on my skin.  You see a lot more of the less pigmented brands like the Japanese SUQQU prominent on my blog, but my RBRs are workhorses and truly well loved.
Taupe of my dreams; Taupe to end all taupes; Solstice Halcyon

Since my last swatch set post, I did get rid of a few shades... namely: Trumpeter Koel, Snowy Egret and Olive Violetear.

The SWATCHES:  (no words, because I think pictures are worth a thousand words!)

All swatches on bare skin (no primer), with one swipe of finger.

Re-hash of the mattes:

Hope you enjoyed the post!  Do YOU also dabble in the RBR shadows?  Which ones are your favorites.

I purchased my shadows from Zuneta (now defunct), Beautyhabit  (here) and from the Rouge Bunny Rouge web shop (here).  (non-affiliate links, just for your convenience)

AHHHHH!  I feel really relieved after retaking all these photos.  AHHHHHHHH!

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