Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Jasmine Weighted Air & a Special Discount

Always when I hear that a company is reformulating something, I feel a bad feel in the pit of my stomach because it means bad things.  Bad Things.  Always Bad Things.  Why take good things and make it different?  It seems Rouge Bunny Rouge is revamping many things in the line and the lipsticks were up for reviving.  *nibbles fingertips*  Don't forget to scroll to the end to see the special discount. :)

Rouge Bunny Rouge makes a beautiful full coverage and sheer lipstick and several of their colors in each range are my perennial favorites.  Raw Silence from the original Colorburst formula is one of my very favorite reds... EVER.

One thing that did make me take a chance with the reformulated sheer lipstick is the new color addition of this very bright, cool fuchsia called Jasmine Weighted Air.
The tip of the bullet now features a curve that hugs the lips.  I don't like that shape all that much.  I found it difficult, especially on the lower lip to get clean edge.
The glossy black tubes with the white botanical design has now been replaced a tone-on-tone design.  It is sleek, but the case size is the same weighty sturdiness as before.
One of the weird things about the old formula (Murmurings here, Fluttering Sighs here) is that the texture of the bullet seemed to vary a bit from color to color.  Murmurings was soft and could be squished by pressing too hard against the lips.  Fluttering Sighs was even softer that I had to depot it and can only use a lip brush to apply.  Both were still smooth and wonderful on the lips.

Jasmine Weighted Air has a much improved firmness to the bullet.  The formula indeed is different.  While the older formula has a very wet and slippy (also very glossy) texture on the lips, the new formula in Jasmine Weight Air feels very light in with a good slip that isn't smeary.  It does glide very well on the lips.  
Jasmine Weighted Air is a beautifully cool, clear fuchsia.  A light layer on the left and layered twice on the right in the swatches here.  It has a nice shine, but isn't very glossy.

The scent has also really changed.  The old formula had a very strong Christmas spice kind of a scent, which I think was kind of polarizing, though I liked it.  The new scent is a more faint generic sweet floral which doesn't linger long once the color is applied on the lips.  The company website lists it as fragrance free, but I can most definitely discern a scent.
It does actually stain the lips into a pretty bright pink after the actual shine fades away.  For a sheer lipstick, it performs about par to my expectations.  I need to touch up and re-apply about 2-3 hours in.  It feels so light and well moisturizing on my lips.  It is a surprisingly pigmented shade for something considered sheer.  When layered fully on the lips, it is very pigmented and vibrant.

The reformulation includes several ingredients for intense moisturization and supposed anti-aging benefits, notably: sodium hyaluronate attracts moisture to lips while rosehip butter acts as a powerful anti-oxidant.  Hard to say how much of these are in the formula to actually do all those things, the sodium hyaluronate is low on the ingredient listing but rosehip butter is very high on the list, but I have to say that it feels great on the lips!
Clear, bright colors like this are always welcome in my lipstick Muji drawers!  It has a way of adding vibrancy to an otherwise very neutral and sedate look.

Products used:
  • Base: Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation in Pale Dune, Surratt Concealer in shade 04, SUQQU Glow Loose Powder
  • Eyes: Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Espresso, Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon and Papyrus Canary, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara, SUQQU Brow palette in Moss Green
  • Cheeks: SUQQU Balancing Cheeks N in 04 Mizuhanamoya
  • Lips: Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Jasmine Weighted Air

I am totally breathing a sigh of relief that the new version of the RBR Sheer lipstick actually IS better than it was before.  Really loving this bright beauty of a color as well as the hydrating and whisper light formula.
Have you tried the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Colorburst or Sheer Lipsticks?  What do you think of them?

I purchased my lipstick directly from the RBR website (here) and took advantage of its new lower shipping in the US. 

I'm crazy (like cuckoo for coco puffs) excited to be able to share a special 20% discount offer on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website (here) for my blog readers!  Yay us!  (edit:  this offer is available on all the regions for the website.  Just choose where you are shipping to and use the code to apply the discount to your order!)

Use code RBR-WONDEGONDIGO20.  It is valid until August 31, 2015 for a 20% discount from the Rouge Bunny Rouge website.

I have many recommendations for RBR!  Please feel free to ask in comments and if you are a fan of the brand, do offer your best recommendations, too.

Check out my various posts with the RBR tag (here) and you will find many swatches, looks and stuff!  The eye shadows, blushes and the loose finishing powder are some of my very favorites from the brand.  Nevermind, the exquisite liquid highlighters and liquid bronzer from the brand.

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