Serge Lutens Lipstick in Couvre Feu

While not every incursion I have into a brand is a rip roaring success (sad-face), some things are quite striking.  Sometimes, a formula is so outstanding that I have a tough time not wanting every single color offered and other times, a color is so magnificent that it is difficult not to acquire eventually.

There is something so neatly compact about the whole Serge Lutens makeup display.  I get very lured into displays where the product assortment is so small, that it actually seems feasible to actually end up purchasing every single thing.  Why, that is complete folly of course.  And even more so for a brand like Serge Lutens where a single lipstick is not just a lipstick, it is an absolute and resounding clang to your wallet.
It is a very diminutive little lipstick.  The lipstick case is refillable, with the refill of the bullet being slightly less expensive sans case, but not very handbag safe.
The color of the bullet is obviously a killer vamp.  The brown tones of the shade are prominent in the bullet, and also on the lips in certain lights.  Sometimes though, the color appears more cooler purple and other times, also red.

On the formula and application:
It seems similar to my palette #1 from Serge Lutens (here).  It has a traditional cream feel as well as application.  It is reasonably lightweight for a creamy formula.  For such a richly pigmented color, it also feels comfortable on the lips.  I usually struggle with very pigmented lipsticks, which inevitably suck all the moisture out of my lips and leave my lips feeling very sore.  This formula, while not exactly moisturizing, was comfortable.

It is one of those shades where very careful lip prep is required.  Even though my lips are reasonably in good shape, and I thought pretty well exfoliated of any loose flakes, I found every tiny flake picked up extra color looking darker in those areas than the rest of my lips.

Whether applied straight from bullet to lips or with a lip brush, it applied smoothly and evenly.  And for a color like this a light blotted application is easy to achieve as well as layering on a second or even a third coat for a very deep and dramatic look.

It is, as you can see, a very dramatic shade.  A light layer was applied and then layered on again again and smoothed out around the edges with a lip brush.

Rich and softly lustrous, it looks plush on the lips.  It lasts pretty well, but not long lasting (4 hours or so?).  It does transfer to cups (and people).  It fades nicely and evenly to a stain.
Just showcasing Couvre Feu in this look.

Look what else I dug up:

I was surprised to find that I have inadvertently found a dupe for Black Orchid!  Actually, layered on the lips, Black Orchid is more blackened and purple so maybe not a dupe exactly.  Also it is no achievement to find a dupe that is even MORE expensive than a Tom Ford lipstick.

Still, I was really excited to find a vampy shade that has a much more lip friendly formula than the one of Tom Ford Black Orchid though.  That one really messes me up.  You can see my Black Orchid review here and me wearing it here.
Deep and elegant color, I do find this an infinitely sophisticated color.  Did I mention no scent?  Did I mention ..... CLANNNNNG!

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