SURRATT Face and Cheek Brushes

If you hadn't seen it already, I posted a few months back when Surratt launched the Artistique brushes back in October, 2014 (here) at Barney's.  It's a good initial post with a bunch of pictures and comparisons to some similar SUQQU brushes.  I was pretty happy when I first got these brushes and after several months, a few washes and many uses, I am over the moon with them.

Reiterating a few points from that last post, these are brushes hand crafted in Kumano, Japan.  They are made of exquisite materials and have the prices to reflect the origin and the labor.  These are not cheap brushes.

In terms of really helpful comparisons to other brushes like some Chikuhodo Z's, well, I don't have them.  I can really only relate comparisons to the SUQQU and some other grey squirrel brushes I own.  I thought it would still be helpful or interesting to hear about my thoughts on the merits of the Surratt Face & Cheek brushes on their own.

Both these brushes are described as having blue squirrel hair and I have since learned that the term blue and grey squirrel are used interchangeably.  Hakuhodo site, as an example lists brushes as having blue squirrel hair and I've not seen the term grey squirrel on the site.  灰リス.  I don't think Hakuhodo makes the Surratt Artistique brushes, but wanted to add some color to the terminology used on the materials.

SURRATT Face Brush
The face brush is the squirrel brush I've been yearning for all along apparently!  It has a rounded tip which makes it less directional than the more tapered tip of the SUQQU one.  But the density of the Surratt one makes it more useful for me and my preferences. 

For example, I like these big brushes for a few uses, which is an even distribution of loose powder, a light distribution of bronzer, and/ or an application of Guerlain Meteorite Pearls. 
For what I'm looking for, a bit of density is important. The density of the Surratt allows it to pick up and distributes a fair bit of product (for setting powders) and can also easily swipe away any extra left on the skin.  It ensures even and uncakey application.
The softness of this brush is unreal.  While I appreciate the firmness and ability of my Tom Ford Bronzer brush which pick up pigment and press in powder better due to its sheer size and density, the incredible softness of the Surratt makes it much more gentler option on my skin.

Winter has been brutal on my skin.  While I've been mostly able to keep the flakiness in check, I am constantly fighting redness and sensitivity which is exacerbated often by physical irritation.  The Surratt Face brush has been a great balance of effectiveness and softness.

One thing I do note is that I've had a few loose hair fall out of the brush on use and washes.  I think all of them have fallen out now and have not experienced any recently and the uniformity of the hair density in the brush has not been affected.

SURRATT Cheek Brush

My favorite part of the Cheek brush is its fabulous little pom pom shape.  After washing, it has poofed a bit and the shape is still adorably bulbous.  The shape is what allows me to place color in a nice rounded shape on my cheeks.  And as the brush is luxuriously dense, it works well even with less pigmented blushes.  Of course, with a light hand, it does equally well with more pigmented formulas.
Because it is rounded and slightly flattened on the top of the brush head, it does nice work of very gently buffing in product into the skin.  For more precise placement of color or even working into small section of the skin (like setting powder under the eyes), this is not an ideal shape.  However, for my blush placement or gentle all over powder or bronzer placement in small sections, this is a fabulous shape, density and size.

You can see how dark and full of hair the edges of the splayed brush is.  This shows how generally dense this brush is.  Also it is amazingly soft, as you would expect for the high price of this brush.
There are a few more face brushes in the Artistique brush range from Surratt.  For me, I like brushes to be a bit multi-purpose, so these particular size and shape are very well suited for my needs.  At the moment, I am not rushing out to buy the other face ones.  (The eye brushes, aye, I have a few from the brand and boy!  Those need their own post!)
Surratt Beauty and these Artistique brushes are exclusively available at Barney's here in the US.  The brand is available at Liberty in London and Takashimaya in Singapore.  Not sure if the brushes are in Sg.  Joey, the counter manager (212-833-2824), is a brand guru and very helpful.  You can also order on line on the Barney's website (which is like the worst, least user-friendly site in the world.) here.
Have you picked up any of the face brushes from the Surratt Artistique Brush range?  Any one displacing previous favorites or really impressing you? 

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