SURRATT Smoky Eye Brush M

I was very intrigued by the shape of this particular eye shadow brush.  And though my head told me that it can't possibly work with how I like to work with applying eye shadows and smudging and smoking out around my eyes, darn it, it looked very intriguing.
The head of this brush is completely unique among my eye shadow brushes.  It has a long, very loosely bundled blue (grey) squirrel head that comes to a tapered point at the end.  The arrangement of the hair tips graduate from short to very long and gives it the most teeny tiny and soft tip.
While it does feel incredibly dreaming gently swishing this brush on my skin, the very soft looseness of the pointed tip is what makes this not a very useful brush for me.  In order to pick up any color on the bristles, I twirl and swirl the brush head on the eye shadow pan which picks up a very fine dusting of color.

For what I would infer from the name "smoky" I would have thought that I can get the diffused (but still noticeably intense) smoked haze of color around my eyes.  Could be my combination of particular eye shadows (I don't own any from the Surratt brand) and my application technique, but I could achieve the barest hint of color around my eyes.

Here is the Smoky Eye Brush M pictured with the SUQQU eye shadow brush L.   I thought the SUQQU L was floofy, but now I see the Surratt Smoky M has floofy to the max.  Something like the SUQQU, which airy in density has a more or less uniform level of density through out the head so that applying a wash of color is achievable as well as light blending.  I couldn't do that with the SURRATT.
I actually DID find a great use for this brush which works excellently with the contours of my eyes specifically.  I have a very shallow crease and have a tough time placing color there without amping up the intensity and looking overly made up.  The fine tip of the Surratt Smoky Eye Brush M, because of all the "faults" I described applies the faintest haze of color on the crease that looks already well blended with out any extra effort.
While this brush did have its moment of redemption, I don't think it was the best purchase for me.  First, I don't often apply color on the crease, preferring (oh how ironic!) a smokier look.  I generally like brushes that perform more than one limited function.  I think if you have very sensitive skin around the eyes, you might find some use for this delightful softness, but for those looking for workhorse eye shadow brushes, I would recommend other brushes in this line.  Namely, I think the Classic Eye Shadow brushes are amazing.

I purchased all my Surratt brushes in person at the counter on the Madison Avenue Barney's New York.  Joey is the counter manager and is wonderfully helpful.  (212) 833-2824

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