THREE Color Veil for Cheeks - Slightly Larger but Mini Swatch Set

First I'd like to apologize for all these recent posts.  To me and to you, it's very discombobulating seeing new posts just POP UP on the blog.  It's like a diabolical spewing forth of Satanic Makeup Consumption or something similarly deranged.  Only there's a very simple explanation for this.  It's one of those serendipitous moments when one or two bright sunny days, with free time that lines up exactly to the best light and BOOM.  Posts.  What is stranger is that those moments don't happen very frequently.   Not at all.

Anyway.  You're here and I'm here and instead of awkwardly staring at each other feeling strange, we can look at pretty blush.  Yes?
And BOOM.  How you like them apples?  These are my blushes from the Japanese brand THREE.  Since my little tiny swatch set post (here) I've since added two more to my collection.  I plan on doing another post that more features those two in depth (faces -SHRIEK!, comparison swatches -  AIEEEE! in depth analysis on texture -  WOOOO!) but since one can not ever count on a timely Belly post, you can enjoy the one you are reading at this moment, right now.

Right now.  You are reading my post.  Living in the moment.  Anticipating ... swatches.

The THREE blushes are wonderful silky things.  I've stated so and so it is.  While some of the pans look frighteningly bright, the application is always wearable.  It IS possible to achieve clown cheeks, but it would take a bit of layering to achieve nuclear clown status.
 I have detailed posts on Love Twist and Emotional Rescue (here) and Wind Swept Soul and Love Kick (here) if you want to take a look.  I blather on and on about how nice and silky and blah blah ad nauseum there.

But for the quick swatch set round up:

I purchased 24 Into the Aether and 25 Divine Radiance thinking I was getting some variation of orange, but it turns out that Into the Aether is a sweet soft peach and 25 Divine Radiance is a orange-toned brown.  This is why internet should be full of more THREE pictures, so I cast this out there, into the Internet, to be spreading of the THREE pictures.
Have you tried one or few (or SIX) of these yet?  What thinky you of these THREE blushes?

Also, even more importantly, as it relates to your opinions: are you delighted or delightfully deranged seeing all these posts on the Wondegondigo blog?

Oh yes, one more thing.  It has recently come to my attention that some of my photos are popping up in un-Belly sanctioned places.  Example would be on non-English blogs with my watermark scrubbed off with another watermark smooshed on it.  That makes a Belly very sad.  Share me on forums, on Pinterest, mention me on your blogs and social media.  But if you want to use my images, please ask first and don't remove my watermark.  That blows.

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