Wherein I Round Up Some Ballz -- of the Flat, Round and White Varieties (Guerlain Meteorites Perles)

I have come into my general affection and befuddlement a bit late in life.  Earlier aborted and perhaps even unsuccessful attempts had originally made me a bit suspicious of them.  I've purchased and returned them once on occasion questioning the actual darn utility of these things.  I have hosted a giveaway on the blog.  I have given them as gifts receiving "What are these things?" in response.

Well what are they, actually?

Flat Ballz.
Clockwise from top left: Guerlain Meteorites Wulong Compact, Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Dragon; Guerlain Meteorites 01 Blanc de Perle; Koyudo H008 brush
These powders from Guerlain are considered finishing powders.  The finishing powders are generally used as one last skin-perfecting touch on the skin.  Depending on the colors, the shimmers, et cetera, it imparts the final beautifying effect on the skin.  And depending on what Kool-Aid you are drinking, the final appearance of the skin is slightly color corrected and maybe with the most barely noticeable glow.

There are now reformulated permanent loose ones available, as well as new compact ones.  Seasonally, Guerlain also releases pressed compact and loose ones on a limited edition basis.

The Flat:
(a.k.a. Wulong)
The compact one shown here is the really beautiful Wulong compact.  This one is particularly notable for the heavy metal compact and its very hefty price.  The current permanent ones are lightweight plastic that look metallic.  A mosaic of harmonious pinks, beige, brown and pearl shade are in the pan.  This is a long-gone limited edition item from 2012.

If you click on the picture, you can see some small flecks of pale gold shimmer.

The Round:
(a.k.a. Perles du Dragon)

This one was released at the same time as the Wulong and shares the colors, but has a deeper toned plum in the mix.  I've seen swatches on-line which shows discernible color on the skin of the individual pearls, but I really didn't want to manhandle these ballz just for the sake of showing those swatches!  After all, the normal application on the face of these particular set of pearls is very light.

The Dragon definitely shows sheen on the surface of each pearl as well as some noticeable shimmer.

White Ballz:
(a.k.a. 01 Blanc de Perle)

This is shade 01, which is not here in the US, but which I purchased from Selfridges online (available here).  Other shades are here at your regular retailers (shades 02, 03, 04).

This one is rather pretty in the tin.  Has an assortment of white, yellow, pink and lavender pearls.  This one is the subtlest of the ones I own currently.  The Voyage palette with Mythic was probably the most subtle, bordering on invisible.

Seriously, What Do These Do?

They are finishing powders, as I mentioned above.  Very dry skinned folks might use this as a setting powder (e.g., alone over a foundation to set the foundation).  

While the distinct colors have some property for brightening, correcting sallowness and such, I don't really notice that on my face.  Truly, I think the greatest pleasure in the Guerlain ones is the beauty ritual of application.  The heaviness of the Wulong compact in the hand is tactile and luxurious.  The scent of the Meteorites is a heavenly candied violet.  The swish of soft brush into the pan and brushed on the face releases a soft scent of the product for a short moment and imparts the wish of beautiful skin.  That's the wish.  But what's it on the skin?

Swatched even heavily, way more heavily than I would on my face, the effect is still very subtle.  To make these swatches, I used a very dense natural hair kabuki.  I would normally use a brush that is much less dense on my face when I am apply these.

Here is Wulong.  You can see the glints of the shimmer, as well as a slight brightening and a sheen.  I find that with a light application, the shimmer is just barely visible.  The general effect on my face is a slight brightened sheen.

And here is Wulong swatched next to Dragon.  I think the effect is completely identical.  There is, for me, no real need to own both.  Although the tins of the pearls are a pain to travel with, while the elegantly heavy Wulong makes a luxurious travel companion.  I've also heard that the pressed Wulong is less shimmery than the Dragon, but to my eye, I don't see any huge difference.

And now, all three, with 01 Blanc de Perle added to the very right.  Blanc de Perle is just gorgeous.  The sheen is real, but much more subtle than what I would get from a true highlighting or luminizing product.  This is the least shimmer of the three.
No face pictures in this post, but I am wearing them in many of my recent posts.  I still think that the pretty effect is enhanced by the beauty of the product and the sensory delights of the scent and the application.  I suppose there is some enhancement to the face, but on me I don't notice anything dramatic.  

Well, maybe there are worthwhile nice things that are all about subtlety.
Do you use finishing powders from Guerlain or other brands?  What are your favorites?  The pretty, is it real or is it in our heads?

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