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ALL DONE NOW!  :)  Disqus is live on the blog.  I've enabled Guest commenting, which I think will function the same as anonymous commenting.  Thanks for all your yays of encouragement.  The actual move to from blogger comments to Disqus was basically a widget!

Please do let me know if you encounter any weird issues.  I hope not and I hope it's a nice improvement in functionality.  Also, you can edit comments!

Hi!  How ya doin'? 

I'm doing this post to duly let you know that there be changes:

One thing I will be changing up on the blog is comments!  I don't know about you, but at the point that Blogger makes it hard for the blog owner to comment in her own post, it is time to do something.  Sometimes Blogger does a glitchy thing where it EATS COMMENTS.  Where it goes, nobody knows. 

Within the next week or so, I will be replacing Blogger comments with Disqus.  I know, having a whole 'nother logon is a pain, but I hope since I am such a late adopter of Disqus, many of you will already have logins set up to comment on your other favorite blogs.

I believe there is anonymous commenting through Disqus and I'd love you to still come and chat with me!  I also don't really moderate comments.  I only make comments go into moderation for really old posts and also your x-rated comments.  Yup, and for those, I squirrel away for my secret happy place.

I hope our normal active and funny commenting experience on this blog will remain the same!  Don't forget to come and chat with me, ok?  *sits in metal folding chair*  *waits to be asked to dance*

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