I'm a (Foundation) Fraud

Haha.  *wilts*

I don't understand how people have their foundation undertones and color matches so well identified.  Life would be so much easier if I were a generic pinky beige color, right?  Right?  Every counter, every drugstore brand - BLAM!  perfect match!

Sadly, Belly is a riot of pinks, reds and yellows on the face.  And then my neck and chest being something else altogther.  Actually, this is all just a cry for help.  Help.  Help me.

I don't wear MAC foundations, so when I write things like "oh blablablabla, I am about an NC15-20", I really have no clue.  At one point (a few points), I actually did go get matched at MAC and the color matches were wildly differing.  Once I was matched to Pro Longwear in NC20.  I applied it all over my face and as soon as I went outside, I was horrified at the orange.  I mean ORANGE.  And then at a pro store, which was a setting full of natural light, I was matched to some dark NW something.  I guesstimate I am NC15-20 based on the fact that NC20 was dark and orange and NW made me cry.

Anyway, warm weather is coming and I am of course in the market for something new and shiny for my foundation and I've always had a hankering for MAC Face & Body.  To make it even more puzzling for me is it doesn't come in NC or NW, they do N and C.  *furtively glances at the student next to me to cheat off their paper*

I've consulted with the real gurus of Makeupalley and searched through various blogs and stuff to understand this N and C business.  Also noted that some blog get them all wrong, too.  Let me just put this out there as another example of me not being a guru (or reliable), but then again, many people aren't either.

Yesterday I walked over to my nearest MAC counter to look at Face & Body.  C1 and N1 appeared to be close enough depth wise to my current sad faded skintone.  I think the mass of salespersons there could smell I was desperate for a sample, so they wouldn't help me.  D:

MAC Face & Body C1 (L); N1 (R)
I helped myself to giant blobs on my hand and then smeared streaks on my face.  The center of my face is darker and rather pink.  This explains when I get matched to NW and dark.  My neck is very pale and yellow and I have pale pink tones on my chest.  I are a patchwork of the rainbows!  I always try smears on the side of my face, which is the least irritated and red.

N1 on the left (closest to my ear); C1 on the right
Halps?  Undertone wise, does it look my N1 or C1 better?  And both dried darker and then why does white come in such a giant bottle anyway?!  *angrily knocks over bottles of N1, C1, White in undertone confusion*
Bwhahaha, I actually recieved unanimous consensus from makeupalley, but I totally want to go the other way.  I'm crazy.
What's your foundation matching strategy?  Any tactics that work best for you in getting the best match.  Teach meh, plz.

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