Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick - Musings, Relish of Heaven and Perfume of His Gaze

>> This post features products provided without charge by the brand for my consideration<<

After giving into my raging lust for a lipstick in a gorgeous lightweight and lip-loving formula (that's my Jasmine Weighted Air post, dudes), I jumped at the opportunity to try out a few more colors in the sheer lipstick range.  There may have been evil cackling involved.  No need to report me to the brand.  They will be able to see the deranged look in my dead eyes.  Next time, they will back away slowly. @___@
 I chose a selection of briiiiight (Relish of Heaven), wearable (Musings), and a little oddball (Perfume of His Gaze).  Not shown here, but they also reformulated Murmurings (here), a cool deep plum which I featured in the old formula way back when.
L to R: Perfume of His Gaze*, Musings*, Relish of Heaven*, Jasmine Weighted Air

Swatches not in the same order as the above bullet picture, because I like to keep your brain agile.
From L to R: Musings*, Relish of Heaven*, Jasmine Weighted Air, Perfume of His Gaze*

  • Musings* is a warm rose.  It is a very natural and subtle shade.  It is the least pigmented of the shades shown here, but like all the others, can be easily built up in color to fuller opacity without going gloppy.
  • Relish of Heaven* is a bright warm red.  This is a gorgeous warm red, with good pigmentation while still retaining a juicy kind of transparency.
  • Jasmine Weighted Air you've seen before on this blog.  Gorgeous and face brightening fuchsia.
  • Perfume of His Gaze* is described as a cool toned rose taupe by the brand.  This is what I mentioned as an oddball color.  It kind of is weird.  There is some grey, some purple and some pinky brown in this shade.  This has the softest texture of the colors I've tried and particularly wet looking and glossy when applied.
I've put it on these new three shades (excluding JWA), so you can see all these colors in the context of the rest of my face and makeup.  Since I spoke extensively on the formula and wear when I posted about JWA, I will give you some verbal blah blah on my thoughts on how these colors are working for me.


Musings is the least exciting of these Sheer Lipsticks, which is not a dig on the wearability and prettiness of this color.  It is really lovely.  I think though that it is so low contrast on my face, that it has the effect of softening up all the rest of my features.  The old convention of playing up one feature of the face (like if you go bold on your eyes, go more subtle on the rest of the face) seems to have a bit of merit.  With such soft eyes and subtle cheeks, I think my lip color in this case ends up a bit blah looking.  It does make a great shade to pair along with dramatic or smoky eyes.

Relish of Heaven:
I always think bright colors like Relish of Heaven photographs even nicer than they look in person.  I have to admit that even though on most days, I prefer softer mlbb type colors, a bright dramatic color like RoH looks pretty darn incredible.  With exactly the same makeup as when wearing Musings, my eyes look darker and brighter and my skin looks glowing.  (well I am cheating on the glow)

It does seem like finding a good red has something to do with either playing up a contrast in undertone (such as a warm red on cool skin or vice versa), or finding some sort of harmony (like the warm RoH with my warmer skin).  I had been sorely tempted by Tatcha's red LE lipstick which Messy Wands featured (here), but since reds is not something I wear all that often and with Relish of Heaven filling in the spot of a bright, slightly warm red, I can safely pass.

Perfume of His Gaze:
Heheh.  Even more than the drama of Relish of Heaven, my secret favorite is Perfume of His Gaze.  By the way, if Perfume of Gaze is a familiar RBR name, but the color looks not in line with your memory, it is because they recycled the name for this new color.  I like this color much more than Musings, personally.  It is a deeper shade, so provides a bit more contrast to my skin and more in line with the depth of my dark features (eyes, brows, hair) and has a cool tone that is harmonious with my own weird cool lip color.

Other Products Worn:
Products I am wearing in all these looks are the same, rotated with the lipstick colors.

The base I particularly love for a nice dewy look is my Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick.  Now that it is much warmer, I will likely need to go for a less emollient formula as my skin gets a bit oily.  I've set it with RBR's loose finishing powder.  Also wearing RBR Delicata on the cheeks.

I'm wearing an assortment of RBR matte eye shadows (here) with Bashful Flamingo on the lids, Sweet Dust Seriema in the crease, and Blackpepper Jay to deepen the outer corner and to define the lash line.

Allow me also to give you a closer look at what is on my eyes and all the copious amount of highlighter  (RBR Sea of Tranquility) I am wearing.  It makes me a little buggy when the very last thing I do (mascara application) goes all wrong.  I smeared it all over the lash line.  Hmm, if I were a bit more conscientious, I would re-do it or attempt a clean up.  But I think you know how lazy I am by now and I am nothing if not authentic to my true innerds.
Were you able to try any of these new sheer lipsticks yet?  Which color is your favorite?  OOH OOH!  *jumping up and down*  Rouge Bunny Rouge was so kind to offer a very special discount for all my readers.  Yep, using this code will also brand you as a Wondegondigo reader, but that is a small price to pay for a 20% discount.

Use the code RBR-WONDEGONDIGO20 to receive a 20% discount on the Rouge Bunny Rouge Website (all regions!).  And come back and tell me what you picked up!  This code is good until August 31st, 2015.

Disclosure: this post features product (*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

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