Multi-Purpose Glow Enhancers Featuring CHANEL, SUQQU and Rouge Bunny Rouge

>> this post features one item that was provided without charge by the brand / pr for consideration<<

While I love the bright highlight of Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (here), there is only one way to use powder highlighters.  After I do my makeup, use a brush to apply the product where I want to catch the light.  As gorgeous as Cruel Gardenia is (and it really, really is!), it's a tiny bit one note in terms of use.

These days I am drawn to a few liquid products that can do what Cruel Gardenia does, but also a few other things as well!  I have three products that I'd like to show you.

Today we will look at Rouge Bunny Rouge's Seas of Illumination Liquid Highlighter in Sea of Clouds*, SUQQU's limited edition Lighting Liquid and CHANEL's Le Blanc de Chanel.  None of these are one trick ponies, and each provide varying levels of shimmer and brightness that one of these would likely fit your preferences.
What do these illuminators do really? 
  • Like a powder highlighter, these liquids can also deliver targeted glow when applied on top of your base products.  I use my finger tips to tap on and then lightly blend on the tops of my cheek bones, on the bridge of my nose and cupid's bow of my lips.  Basically, where you want to let the light catch a bit more strongly, you can apply.
  • Overall enhancement and glow to your whole face can also be achieved by mixing directly into your foundation or tinted moisturizer and then applied all over the face.  Depending on how pearly or metallic or shimmery, that effect can be subtly created all over your face.
  • Give the barest hint of glow to the skin by applying under your foundation.  You can apply your liquid illuminator all over, or one certain points of your face and then apply your foundation on top as usual.
  • Use alone as a sole base product.  On a low-makeup kind of a day use this as a brightening base for the skin.
:)  Of course, depending on your sparkle-sauce preference you can do several of these options all at the same time, Edward.  Now on to the products we are highlighting (hur hur hur) today:

First up is the Rouge Bunny Rouge one in Sea of Clouds.  They offer two other colors at this time.  They used to offer another deepest shade which seems to be discontinued.  This one, Sea of Clouds is their lightest one.  This is a high pearl and fairly shimmery liquid.  It has a light cucumber scent and small amount packs a wallop.
The pump mechanism dispenses with abandon.  A single glob tends to be more than I would want to use in one application!  It is white with a pearly cool look to it that can be intensified to a high shimmer.  Layering copiously would give a metallic effect.  This one is a slightly thickened liquid and applies easily and blends well with fingers or brush.

This has a pinky beige color and lacks any of the overt shimmer of the Rouge Bunny Rouge.  It looks pearlized as a blob on the skin and when blended out, also has a lovely subtle pearl effect.  I'm going to tell you now that as a limited edition item, if you are dying to try this out, you should make sure you place your order.  Though I am struggling to stop making flippity floppity purchases all over the place, I am DYING to place a backup order of this Lighting Liquid.  SAVE ME!
Despite being loaded with a good deal of alcohol (it is v. high on the ingredient list), I don't have issues with it drying my skin or causing any weird light reflection on the dry patches of my skin.  I am totally loving the subtle pearly tone this one gives.  I've worn this simultaneously under my foundation and also to highlight specific areas and the effect is completely refined and subtle.  Beautiful!

CHANEL Le Blanc de Chanel
You might have noticed that this eventually made it into my blog sale.  And actually, if you like very subtle effect with no noticeable pearl, metal or shimmer, this is a great option.  Applied heavily, it gives a white-toned pale effect on the skin.
What made me chuck this out the door (or wrapped lovingly into a blog sale box), was that it refused to play nice with my regular skincare and sun blocks.  I'm not really sure what did it, but when applied on the skin, it rolled up into weird little balls and that's not the kind of balls-illuminated effect I was going for.
I've swatched each of the three liquid illuminators really heavily for you.  This is way more than I would apply on my face, but it does show the finish well.

I'm very fond of the Rouge Bunny Rouge ones as well.  The Sea of Tranquility (a pink toned one) and Sea of Showers (a warm golden one) have been in my collection of highlighters for a very long time.  Rouge Bunny Rouge provided me with a beautiful bottle of Sea of Clouds recently, allowing me to complete my set.
I find there are differences in finish, as well as the obvious color differences among the three shades.  Sea of Clouds has a pretty stark white base.  I find when applied with drunken abandon produces a big contrast against the strong yellow tones on my face that it appears a bit odd.  This is probably a skin tone incompatibility to this color and the stronger shimmer finish of Sea of Clouds is actually very pretty.
Sea of Tranquility is my most used one because it has a nice harmony with my face most of the year.  It is less shimmery than Sea of Tranquilty as well.  Sea of Showers I tend to save until I am tanner and my skin warmer in the warm weather months.  It makes a glorious summer-time highlighter.

Do you make regular use of illuminating products?  Have you tried any one of the above ones?

By the way, a special discount at the Rouge Bunny Rouge web shop (all regions) is available for the readers of my blog!  For a 20% discount, good to the end of August, use RBR-WONDEGONDIGO20 at the web shop (here).

Hope you are all having a great week!  I am finally getting over my horrible cold and let me tell you, these illuminators are giving me all the help I need for the sad state of my pallid, lifeless skin!

Disclosure: this post features a product(*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration. However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

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