SOQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Horinezumizonbikaou EX-666

>> This post features product provided free of charge for my consideration, from my own stash<<

When I got my hands on this exclusive, limited edition and one-of-a-kind eye shadow quad, I may have shivered a bit.  It has an unexpected combination of shades, both delicate and deep with a combination of finishes that make me delight in holding its white limited edition case.

Say hello to Horinezumizonbikaou.  She is a magnificent beauty.  It has so many surprising elements that I was unsure if the application on the eyes would somehow disappoint me because the actual quad shades were so elegant.  I didn't even mind the white shade that came in this quad.  Why, it made me nostalgic for every generation two quad out there.
SOQQU Horinezumizonbikaou, I love you.

 Let me show you the swatches, because I've never been more excited to share anything else with you before.  Honestly, they take my breath away on every single front.

 Swatches are clockwise from the upper left.

  • pale, but pigmented shimmery pink.  delicate and floral, with just the most understated but balanced golden sheen.
  • an earthy green, satin in finish, providing just the right contrast to the aforementioned pink.
  • that SOQQU staple white base shade that smoothes the lids and provides a beautiful canvas for all the other shades. (You apply this one first, with a fluffy brush)  The subtlety of the slight warm pink tinge was unexpected, and yet SO EXPECTED because SOQQU!
  • a deep, matte and very pigmented shade.  Shall I call it plum brown grey?  Because that is what it is.  A perfect definer shade.

"But Belly," you say, "finger swatches are all very good, but the real test is on the eyes, no?"  Why of course it is.  Allow me to ply you with pictures of Horinezumizonbikaou on my face to further make you weep that this quad is no widely available.

Hmm... yes.  You know us beauty bloggers.  We share items that are nigh-impossible to buy due to it's exclusivity, price point or general availability.  *small snivelly weeping*
 I'm surprised how predominantly green this quad is.  Next few times I wear this quad, I think I will go heavier and more based on that delicate peony pink.
Texture is sublime.  It pretty much applied and blended itself because it did.  Because expensive makeup does that and that is what makes it "worth it."
I am wearing Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses to tie into the fresh pink of the quad.  And wearing surratt Lipslique in Peccadille, a shade slightly deepened with decay.  So elegant a contrast and pairing to Horizenumizonbikaou.

Are you sad now?  It is sold out world wide of course.   But it was too beautiful not to prominently feature on the blog.
Hmm.  Wait a minute, I smell something rotten.  Do you?

Why, Hori...horinezumi.  GOPHER?

Zonbi.  Zonbi?  ZOMBI?

Kaou?  Like peony?

"What in tarnation is going on?" you demand to know.  You are raising your pitch fork because Paypal doesn't want you to pay for this quad.

CLAM DOWN every one.  Let me share you the story of SOQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Horinezumizonbikaou.  So I tuck you into your bed, give you a sip of water and tell you a bedtime story.  There are zombies in this story.

Long, long time ago, in a village far, far away (but not that far since Belly works in the city).  Belly was struggling to figure out how to pay for her favorite flowers at the florist.  Peonies were her favorite, and yet the amount of money required to buy a large bouquet of them in the quantity she felt she deserved was so much.  Like SOQQU quad much.  Is there a way to make these flowers cheaper to own?!  Is there?

So with an excess of Belly Gazing as she is apt to do, she had an idea.  She thought that instead of buying them, why she will become ace gardner and grow them herself.  She imagined being overridden with lush peonies every spring.  Apparent from planting to flowering, it takes several years, but Belly is nothing if not patient and cheap.
 And so, Belly spent a back-breaking several hours digging rock-hard soil and planted cutting all around her house.  Why it was such hard work, she was pooped out.  Very pooped.
 And yet, all her tear-stained cheeks, rubbed with dirt, were worth it when that spring and the following year the plants grew and became adorned with shiny dark green leaves.  Why, this made Belly so excited.  She imagined SO MUCH PEONIES, IT WAS SO MUCH!
 As a former-City Snow Woman, Belly was uneducated in the enemies that lurk and prowl in the woodland and in the suburbs.

A large and ferocious gopher lived next door which would visit from time to time.  It was bidding its time patiently until the peony bushes grew large and bushy with rich green leaves.
Gopher bides its time for Peony.
 Maybe you can imagine what comes next, because it wasn't pretty.  Let's say the plants were... it's a little graphic.  In a few short hours all the lush plants were reduced to barely a stump on the ground.

Let's also say that Belly knows a whole host of ugly swear words with which to address this gopher.  This is a family blog, but the words "FUCKING ASSHOLE SHITHEAD GOPHER" was prominently featured.

And so, bereft and angry, mourning her dead peony plants and regretting all the labor of planting those things.  In time, most of the anger faded and she was mostly left with a haze of distant fury.  She would never plant peonies again.  But, is this the end of our story for our Belly heroine?  Is it?

Because in the very recent days, among the blossoming cherry trees, and among all the weeds that Belly always neglects to pull, this is what she saw.

Motherfucking Gopher Zombi Peony, that's what.
So my friends, let's leave Belly to further anticipate blooms perhaps next year.  She needs to erect some fences, but due to her laziness, we can anticipate further mow down by Gopher.  We leave Belly, in her happy, horrified haze while she ponders the meaning of Horinezumozonbikaou.

One last mystery remains unsolved.  How did this SOQQU limited edition quad come to be?  Maybe the majestic horror of the zombi peony rising, the gory pillaging of the gopher made resonant creative vibes which reached the creative teams of SOQQU and so, this quad was composed?


P.S.  The first to guess which actual SUQQU quads each of these shades come from gets a special prize from me.
P.P.S.  One more important thing, I truly thank my lovely friends Anonymous Meow and Driveller Kate for continuing to inspire (and I think, encourage my silly lunacy).
P.P.P.S.  One of the actual Zombie Peony plants, because this post was inspired by real life. :)

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