SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow Akanezora 13

AHA!  Not everything beautiful is a brand spanking new limited edition release!  I find it so perfectly wonderful that I can go through old releases from SUQQU and find things that are completely pee-in-pants exciting.  Of course, I tend to feature neutral products over and over again, because if anything causes bladder muscle weakness for me, it's neutral eye shadows.  <__<

Akanezora was released a while back and I'm pretty sure I originally had zero interest in it because of the cream shade and the fact that this quad is heavy on the rosy pink tones.  I was pretty sure pink eyes was never going to work for me and mixing creamy things in a powder palette spells death, DON'T IT THOUGH?

Wrong on both counts, BELLY!  WRONG!  I have no shame admitting to being wrong on many things and learn lessons all the time.  First of all, depending on the pinks, I can wear them.  And because the cream in SUQQU Yukiichigo was so marvelous and easy to apply, I said what the heck I get this one too buy all the SUQQU things because NEED.  
I do worry about the cream drying out, so lately I am on a huge run of wearing THREE eye shadow palettes and these SUQQU cream based palettes.  Because fear of desiccated death to creams.
Since being thoroughly immersed in the multi-colored micro shimmer-gasm of all the new SUQQU releases, I actually find myself a teeny bit ho-hum about the lack of complex shimmer in Akanezora.  Do you know what I mean?  But it turns out the things I enjoy the most about Akanezora is the harmony of textures and complimentary tonal match of the pinks and the brown.
I initially thought that Akanezora would have some similarities in color to Sakurakaba, but just lining up the pans together shows that the amber tones of Sakurakaba (here) doesn't exist at all in Akanezora.

But there is something else!

Even with the big differences between the two, I found some similarities once applied on my eyes between Akanezora and Yukiichigo.  Of course, Akanezora doesn't have the incredible sparkle-sauce cream shade of Yukiicigo, and on many days, that is not a bad thing at all.
Some swatches of each palette to show you.  :)  Mainly just showing off the pretty palettes.  Yukiichigo on the left and Akanezora on the right.
It doesn't have the marshmallow candy confection look of Yukiichigo, but does have a rosy beautiful look applied.  I love how the pinks layered over the brown cream creates all the shading and variation depth even though it was applied in a very straightforward manner (layered on),
I have Akanezora on the eyes, and also SUQQU creamy liner in Jet Bordeaux.  Chanel JC in Narcisse for blush.  I also topped all the high points of my face with Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighter in Sea of Tranquility.  On my lips, I am wearing SUQQU Bright Up in 02 Hanabeni.
About as blank and empty in the brain as this picture would rightly indicate.
I love a beautiful neutral palette, don't you!

I've been thinking lately about closing down shop here permanently.  A lot of the joy and fun I have with this blog has been maximized and I found myself a little... bored?  Is that the right word?  I think as far as a personal-type blog goes, I spent a fair amount of time, money and effort going all out and wonder if I've gone as far as I can.  I really have no intent on monetizing and I wouldn't ever do something like this full time.

I find that the longer I blog and the longer I explore my own makeup preferences, I've become even more narrow in scope and interest.  I've always been kind of niche with the stuff I like, but I've become a level of ridiculously narrow that it feels even more indulgent than I can stand!  I think I will hopefully love the Rouge Bunny Rouge and SUQQUs for a long time to come and my true affection for certain brands live on, but finding intellectually interesting and/or challenging ways to share my thoughts come by much harder now.  :)  After all, how many more Snow Woman - Zombie - Peony - Gopher posts can I possibly do?

I'm also thinking about deleting this blog completely.  What's all this porn traffic coming into my blog all the time, man?!  D:  I hope there's no sites with the Snow Woman in compromising positions somewhere out there on the interwebz!

I think it would be nice to free up my brains from all the makeup-related and blog-related thoughts.  Who knows!  Maybe then I will have the mental capacity to go out and do some more productive things.

When, you ask?  I'm not sure.  Have a few more post ideas rattling around at the moment.  After that?  Who knows?

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