SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Awafujisukashi 19

SUQQU's SS 2015 collection offered another permanent addition to its eye shadow line up: Awafujisukashi.  (I've already posted about Sakuraori 18 here, and the limited edition Haruhinata EX25 here from the SS15 Chiffon collection)

Ok, I admit.  After nearly three years of blogging, and a few years years of loving SUQQU, my brain has 100% maxed out on syllables that have no meaning for me.  I have no Japanese language skills, so stringing together all these nonsensical (to me) syllables have completely cooked my brain.  I think with Awafujisukashi my brain rebelled and said, "No!  I refuse to memorize these palette names any longer!"  Now I have to look it up on line to make sure I am not butchering the name.  Butchering it would be a shame, because it is a true and unusual beauty.
It is sooooo good looking. :)  I like anticipating the interesting color the shades created when you layer the unusual color combinations from SUQQU.  I love the green sparkles in the brown shade!  I love that the white pan glints a flash of pink along the edges.  And periwinkle!  And a pale tangerine!  
Here are swatches of this quad, clockwise from the upper left.
  • That "white" is not really white.  It is white but has a very strong shift to a cool violet pink.  It's magical actually.  In addition to that shifty power, it also has bright white shimmer that also contributes to its flashy nature.
  • Pale periwinkle satin shade.  This is a kind of a shade that can turn relatively grey on some skintones.  I tend to wear this placed in a layer so everything turns into a purple taupe (layered swatches a little bit further down in the post)
  • golden tangerine with lime, pale gold and sparse pale pink shimmers.
  • cool brown with a lot of multi colored micro shimmers.  This is a gorgeous shimmery brown. 
The general pigmentation on all these colors are on the light side, though not sheer.  I realized over time that applicator really makes a difference.  The brand's own grey squirrel eye shadow brushes give the most sheer effect in application.  That makes a subtle application very easy to achieve.  Lately I've been loving flat brushes with firm hair (like my SURRATT Classic M and L brushes) that I can use to pat on the shadows.  This gives me intensity in application that I've been liking.  
Layering the various shades seem to bring out the purple tones very strongly on my skin.  I think it's the white-pink shade flashing very strongly when interacting with the periwinkle.  There's all sorts of interesting layered combinations one can make with this palette.

A little eye-of-some-day wearing SUQQU Awafujisukashi.  
Like every other SUQQU palette I tout about, the shades are infinitely easy to blend and so flattering as they sit on my skin.  

I see the question often posed: "Is such and such worth it?"  Or "is it worth the money?"  Frankly, it's a weird way of looking at a consumer product.  Immediately upon purchase, an item loses its value.  (Boy, don't I know it with every blog sale I do!)  
The way we look at products and determine its worth are forever colored by our preferences and biases.  I feel like I've been pondering on my personal likes and dislikes long enough to know that many luxury items, just like this palette, is "worth it" to me.  
While I can't justify exactly the grossly large amount of money I've spent over time on SUQQU, Tom Ford, or whatever luxury makeup goods, I feel confident I can justify how well I know my preferences.  In that way, when you ask me if this is worth the money, I can definitely say: "Personally, it is worth it to me."
I feel like I know my preferences at this moment so well that I can be very focused on my purchases.  I anticipate my tastes will change.  At some point I had what I thought was an enduring love for designer high-heeled shoes, but that changed, too.  Maybe at some point I will no longer even be all that interested in one brand particularly, or even makeup at all.  I'll fire up the blog and report back when I get there!
Have you also sprung for Awafujisukashi?  What did you think about these colors and what placements are working for you?  I'd love to know!

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