SUQQU Eye Color Palette (Trio) in EX-02 Yosaizora

>> This post features product provided without charge by the brand/pr for consideration <<
I was so excited when this arrived recently!  It probably wouldn't have been the limited edition trio from Summer 2015 that I would have selected for myself.  Why?  Because blue that's why.  Maybe you also struggle with blue eye shadows like me?  If so, let's take a good look at Yosaizora because this one blue really kills it!
The trio format from SUQQU has two colored pans and a glitter top coat.
I like this plain white case for this series of summer limited edition items.  (well, no matter really, because... depot)
At first glance, there's a LOT of alarming things about this palette.  For instance:
  • blue, first of all.  Many blue eye shadows turn green on me.  I suspect the natural strong yellow tones in my skin interact with any translucent blue shadows and turn then green.  Nice.
  • ruddy looking middle shade.  Sometimes, these neutral shades that look easy end up not easy.  Either they clash in undertone (i.e., too cool for my yellow), or have weird depth that end up looking like a smudge of discolored skin.  Nice.
  • GLITTER!  I love shimmer and glitter, actually.  But this one is particularly blingly compared to my love Toutouseki (here).  The glitter in Toutouseki is fairy sparkle.  This one looks quite frosty in the pan.  *slight fearful shivering*
More ruminating on these colors and swatches:
  • Let's put a little more "color" on that blue.  It's beautiful.  I can see on the first swipe of this color on my skin that it hit all the points that make it work on my skin.  Blue certainly, but this is a glorious indigo that reminds me of dark indigo-dyed denim.  It has a more satin finish than a true shimmer one.  I can spot some pale aqua, pink and silvery white shimmer in the color, but the most perfect part about this shade is really this gorgeous indigo color itself.  The deep shade has the right depth to contrast nicely with my skin, too.  Did I say I really love this color?  I dooooo!
  • The warm brown is a bit less stunning, in my opinion than that spectacular indigo, but its inclusion makes for a particularly useful format.  It's a nice neutral shade for creating the underpinning for a basic and easy to wear look and using the indigo to create a nice accent if desired.  It is slightly red, slightly more shimmery in finish than the indigo and has a golden undertone to it, with strong silvery shimmer bits.  As with the indigo shade, it is beautiful pigmented.
  • The glitter pan is of icy frost and sparkle in a little pan.  It adheres nicely to the skin.  I use my finger to pat this shade on as a final touch.  Contrary to Aoruri and Toutouseki which is fairy glitter on a mostly clear base, the white base in the Yosaizora glitter pan is most definitely white.  While not exactly opaque, applying a lot of this shade will "frost" up a final look with discrete white shimmer.

Obligatory layers, if you will.  OOPS, I mislabeled stuff.  What is labelled as 1+3 is actually 1+2 and 1+2 is actually 1+3.
Sure, very pretty, but didn't 100% blow me away when I layered it.  I think the micro shimmer is less varied in color than in other SUQQU trios and quads so that lessens the wow for me.  But befitting the Fireworks theme of this little Summer collection, the white glitter and micro shimmer really do shine bright when the shades are layered.
Some comparisons for ya.  First up is Aoruri 03 (here) that was released last year.  This is a permanent palette and also has a blue/purple theme.  This one was very tough for me to carry off.
Very different palette as you can see clearly in the swatches.  The whitened blue has a very muddy tone and is much lighter than the indigo of Yosaizora.
I am not without blues, indigos and blurples in my SUQQU hoard!
Some swatches so that you can triangulate your wish list based on other similar(ish) shades from SUQQU.  Yum, look at Yosaizora doing is beautiful thing of clarity!
Gratuitous picture, because I love how they sit on my skin (my eyelids, specifically!)!!
Allow me to share how I've recently worn it.  (you can also check out my intagram feed, in which I've featured some different placements of these colors).
I've used a sort of a modified tulip placement in this look.  Tulip places one color in the inner and outer portions of the lid with a second color in the middle.  I ended up running the indigo in the crease as well.  The "base" of this look was that warm brown.  I patted the glitter shade with my finger on the top lid.  And added a little punch with the SUQQU creamy liner in Jet Bordeux on the lower and upper lash lines, as well as on the lower waterline.

Wondering mysteries of BLOO.  Why you so difficult to find a good one, BLOO?
I'm wearing the base products mentioned in yesterdays post, including the Face Protector Brightup (here).  Blush in SUQQU blush in 04 Mizuhanamoya and the lipstick is Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky.
SUQQU has a very limited distribution, but is available at counters in Japan, Bangkok and in the UK.  Selfridges currently has this palette available on line (here) as does Ichibankao, whose prices include shipping (here).  It is currently also available on line at Harrods (here).  Many thanks to SUQQU for letting me find a blue I can actually pull off!  Woohoo!
Have you checked out SUQQU's new summer releases?  Would love to hear what you picked out!
Disclosure: this post features a product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration. However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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