SUQQU Foundation in Shade 15 and Comparisons

I remember spending some time trying to figure out what color match I would be in the original SUQQU Foundation.  This is the version that is only available in the UK (shade 15 currently available at Harrods.).  The newer version is the Frame Fix Cream N, which I already posted a while back about (here).  The FFCN is one gorgeous foundation that sets and keeps on looking beautiful all day long, but the application process tends to be finicky.  I was hoping that the original Foundation would be similar in skin perfection, but less hassle to apply.
Random photo of some nice roses.
Turns out I didn't have to keep on guessing, because wonderful and generous C. offered to mail me a plentiful sample to try it out.  Yesterday, I tried it out of my skin and because I was running late in the morning, I didn't apply my usual morning skincare routine.  I was surprised at how matte the finish was because I had it in my mind that it was more glowingly luminous.  And I had felt uncomfortably dry all day and even more equally surprised not to have any oil break through on my nose.  Now that's a feat.  The color match seemed good, but slightly off.

I took time today to re-try the foundation, but this time after heaps of moisturizing stuff I normally wear plus my sun block.  It definitely doesn't have a dewy finish, but has a satin to soft matte finish.
It looks great even when first applied on the skin and gets better and more skin-like as the day progresses.  However, color-wise, it looks a little off.  So here's my handy dandy comparison swatches of similar shades which helped me figure out what went weird:
My current best color matches are the Tom Ford and the MAC F&B in C1 (here).  The SUQQU FFCN in 002 is also very close, but slightly paler than I am currently.

It seems that SUQQU Foundation in shade 15 is more neutral peach and less yellow than the FFCN, the Pale Dune of the C1.  It is in fact very close in depth and tone to MAC F&B in N1.

Major bummer because on moisturized skin, the foundation glides over skin to create a really gorgeous finish.  My nose above all tends to be what makes a lot of foundation unworkable for me.  Many products will pool into the pores there and form fabulous foundation-colored blops.  Seriously, I put this foundation and went, what pores?  I have pores on my nose?
So I put on a heap of bronzer, which I normally don't wear and took on a nice bronzed glow.  
SUQQU Akanezora, Chanel JC Rose Ecrin, Chantecaille Lip Chic in Amour
For my short wear and experience, it seems like this is a good foundation for people without significant dryness.  And I also recommend (as for all foundation really), a well moisturized skin to prep the skin before applying the foundation.

I hope these swatches were helpful if you were trying to select a shade.  I can see why this would be a highly desirable foundation for many people.  Thanks so much to C., for making it possible to give this a try!  :-)

Thank you!

SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Awafujisukashi 19