Thank you!

At the point when the urge to not post became greater than the urge to post, it became clear to me that this is the right time to stop.

It was natural and unforced. 

Thank you!  It's been so fun and I've learned so much and enjoyed YOU.  Thank you for the last few years of great geekery and loving of all the beautiful makeup.  Thank you for letting me ramble endlessly about ME.

Honestly, it is not without a little bit of sadness that I close up shop here.  The really fun (and sometimes laugh-out-loud fun) and happy times certainly outweighed any annoyances.

Sometime this week, I will be making the blog disappear.  It will no longer be accessible.  (hah!  if you need a post or photo for reference, you should look for those now!)  I'm sorry the posts will no longer be available!

For the time being I have my social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram active.  See you on that side of the interwebz!

Hugs & affectionate slobbery kisses from Belly


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