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After some wibbling and wobbling and some shallow soul searching a while back on the nature of making moolah, "Shaking My Moneymaker," and running advertising, I decided to stick some advertising on this blog.  I'm using Google Adsense, which if I'm honest, I tend to gloss over and ignore when I see it on other blogs and other web content, so I'm hoping the experience will be generally unobtrusive and not unpleasant for you.  And hell, if you end up clicking and reading on Adult Continuing Education or Toe Nail Fungus cures, then that's good for both of us, no?
I might end up changing around placement, but currently it's on the side, as a little widget.  For me, I've always been personally super curious about how much blogs can actually generate in income.  I'm happy to share some information if it's interesting or funny.  Like at the point I can pay for a Guerlain lipstick, I shall definitely commemorate the moment.  (So stay tuned for that in about 5 years)

Turns out that my BACN cosmetics line (my other money making scheme) didn't have the longevity and appeal I was looking for.  The amount of preservatives used to keep the lipsticks from turning from delicious porcine flavored to rancid piggy flavor was A TON.  Not only did it make the product less appealing to all you Organic makeup fanatics, it also drove up costs in the formulation that I couldn't make the packaging the all out Luxe Pig Experience I was aiming for.

Here's a few prototypes you will never see at Selfridges, Bergdorf Goodman, Takashimaya, Palacio or Liverpool, Hudson Bay, Mitsukoshi, Nordstrom, Harrods, etc., etc:
I put a LOT, I mean A LOT, of thought into my packaging ideas.  Not so weighty that you don't want to carry them around in your makeup bag, but not so flimsy that you question the overall quality, you know?  Features to note:
  • The round items, (BACN Silky Smooth Sunny Side Up Pressed Powder shown here), are glossy white, with a yellow raised yolk center.  When you open it up, the mirror reveals a playful and pink piggy nose, so you can always be aware of pigs and the gift of pigs.  Any powder pans have been lightly embossed to reveal striations to represent pig bristles.
  • The square items (eye shadow and blush palettes, etc) would have cases covered in luxurious boar bristles hand crafted by Berkshire artisans.  Open those cases to reveal PIG NOSE.
  • Lipsticks!  These broke my heart (as I have mentioned the preservative issues)! Square sharply bevelled edges of the case contrast intriguingly and provocatively with the vertical stripes of red, pale pink and white to look like BACN.  I'm telling you, unctuous and glossy lips in all the colors!
And my company tag line:  "Is it breakfast?  Or is it BACN?"

Sigh.  It could have been a best seller.  It could have been coveted.  It could have been clamored for all over the world.  It could have been BACN.  So we don't get that, we get Ads.  *throws up hands in anguish*

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