Why hello there!

Let's see.  In the scant few months I was away from here, I was mostly there.  I tried to "blog" in the lite variety with one photo and a few concise paragraphs, but then I never really did learn how to add an extra line to break up my paragraphs.  And then everything just looked like a major run-on sentence with a wild profusion of emojis.

I also never mastered the flat lay with artful arrangement of curated products with a random flower, pork cutlet and a dried lentil.  I do like the quick blip of conversation and I mostly liked sharing food photos.  Following me on Instagram is like a live view of Belly's Belly.  Recent photos tell me it's time to cut out so much food!

Even more fried chicken:
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Some pizza:

Some jjajangmyun:
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Some rice cake soup for New Year's Day:

Maybe some more sweets:
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I found Instagram is awesome for looking at cute cat pictures and dog pictures.  Most of the feeds I follow are in fact cats and dogs.

If you were wondering what I've been up to these days, now you know!  Hard to say if I am actually back.  As a matter of fact, I am at the tail end of a long holiday vacation and about to head back into the office where I've recently taken on a new gig.  Yeah, the new thing has me barely given enough time to go on bathroom breaks or leave at a reasonable hour (in addition to getting in at the crack of dawn).  It's rather draining!  But where the job is all very analytical, I am longing for some shiny things to fill my brains with (and apply onto my face).

Hope you have all been well.  Most of you... well some of you were very missed. ;D  Happy New Year!  Let's approach this 2016 business not so seriously this time.

Sisley Paris - What I Am Mildly Distracted By

Thank you!