Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence

>> This post features a product provided without charge for my consideration<<

I am very picky about foundations as I'm sure most of us are.  My top criteria for foundation include a very good color match and a formula that glides over pores without pooling and doesn't exacerbate the look of imperfections (like flakes).  And while I prefer a more dewy finish without shimmer in foundation, I'm okay with slight matte finish.  I prefer light to medium coverage almost all the time, but for certain occasions or a look, fuller coverage that isn't mask like is also great.  How does this new foundation released from Rouge Bunny Rouge perform against this list?
This is an extremely highly pigmented product in a small glass bottle with a dropper for dispensing.  It is supposed to give a demi matte finish when applied.  It has a whopping 36% of pigment in a very silica-rich base.  There are several ingredients that are designed to adhere well to the skin, absorb sebum, and give excellent long wear on the skin.  There are three shades in the range, 062 Miriam, 063 Lalla and 064 Yeshe.  You can see Sara's recent review on her blog for swatches of all three shades.  Each shade is designed to match 4 skin tones.  I can't attest to that personally, but 063 Lalla, the shade I received, while not perfect, was a reasonable match on my skin.

Drops like these are not completely new on the market.  Cover FX released their version a while ago as well.  The convenience and perk of these items is that it can be used with various other mixers to customize coverage and emollience.  The dropper from Rouge Bunny Rouge is mess free, and despite playing around with this for several weeks, the bottle neck and cap remains clean.  The opening of the bottle wipes down the sides of the dropper each time the dispenser is removed, so it stays neat.  Some good things I experienced:

  • Mess-free and elegant bottle; easy to dispense just the desired amount
  • Demi Matte in finish, and tenaciously long lasting from my experience
  • Fully customizable in coverage by varying amount used as well as mixing medium
  • Soft and velvety feel on the skin

When I first started playing with this, the first thing I did was place two drops in my palm and used my fingers to apply all over the face.  Applied straight, the coverage was beyond full!  It obliterated any natural glow on my skin and any redness I had.  I'd rather have a little more imperfections for the sake of looking a little less android like!

Then I started experimenting with various other things.  I tried a runny milk-type lotion, a thick rich cream, a lighter gel cream and also facial oils.  The Rouge Bunny Rouge Foundation Essence is thin, but not completely watery, so didn't mix as well with very runny liquids and also didn't mix as well with very thick creams.  My favorite mixer was a facial oil which is heavy with dimethicone.  I think the silicone to silicone affinity in the oil and the RBR made the products easy to mix in my palm and glide nicely on my skin.
A drop of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence.
I also think this isn't something you'd want to wear straight on your face like I tried the first time unless you're looking for an ultra full coverage product.  The high-pigment coverage means that any disparity between your skin tone and the product would show.  For me, this is actually too dark for my skin by a few ticks, but the very yellowness of the 063 Lalla shade is a match in undertone.  By mixing just a tiny amount into another product made the shade wearable for me (due to the diluting).

In terms of color, 063 is a warm to neutral yellow.  It goes on light, but darkens considerably once dried (but less so when mixed into other products).  These days, SUQQU Frame Fix Cream N in 002 and MAC F&B in C1 are good matches.  MAC F&B which also darkens after application requires a blob of white mixed in to counteract the darkening.

Let me demonstrate how the Foundation Essence works on me.  Here is my bare face (post AM skincare routine and a slick of lip balm, and sun protection).  Only real quibbles I have about my skin is a tendency to redness and dehydration.  I am very dehydrated and dry these days.  My normally oily T-zone is on the retreat during wintertime, and I have a lot of flakes on my chin and forehead.
I'm using the Burberry Nude Radiance Primer as the mixer today.  I prefer how the RBR mixes and looks on my skin best with the facial oil, but because I wear sun protection, applying an oil would break it down and undermine the sun protection.  It's kind of a bummer.

Anyway you can see how tiny a bit of the Foundation Essence I've used in proportion to the primer.  I used my finger tip to mix and then used my fingers to apply to my face.  With this method, I can achieve a light to light medium coverage.

Despite the shimmer in the Burberry primer, the effect is still a soft matte.  I can still see much of the redness under my nose, but nothing a bit of concealer won't easily fix.

And again, it is still even easier to achieve even more coverage!

For a variation, I then applied another whole drop on top of my face using a flat and very dense goat hair foundation brush.  It was a tough application process.  Because the product is so pigmented, the brush left obvious streaks even as I was trying to blend it all in.  I ended up using the palms of my hands to gently press away any streaks after using the brush.
I think you can see that even with just two total drops (1 mixed into the primer + 1 applied over), most of the redness is completely gone.  It is noticeably dark on my face once it dries however.
This is not a product for those with really dry skins and for folks with flakes.  If you care to click on the below photo and take a look, you can see the foundation clinging to the flakes.  I generally think that very high pigment anything (foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows!) will want to cling to texturally challenged areas as these drops definitely do.
I think in the warmer weather when I struggle with oiliness (and my skin is a bit tanner), this would be a better product for that time.  I do really like the idea of flexible coverage and texture.

Here's a shot of the ingredients for you:
This new product is available in the Rouge Bunny Rouge web shop now outside of the US and coming soon to the US!  Don't forget to use my special discount code RBR-Wondegondigo20 for a special 20% discount in the shop for all regions!

What do you think about these customizable foundation products?  Have you tried one before and what is your favorite way to apply them?

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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