Shiseido MAQUILLAGE 10th Anniversary Sophia Webster X MAQUILLAGE

Some dumb things to do:
  • Peer outside the back patio door, get blinded by the bright snow and then turn camera directly into the sun and take a photo.

  • Try to photograph swatches of every single SUQQU quad I own in one sitting.  
  • Think that buying some hilariously offbeat (and strangely adorable) limited edition item is a required buy.
So here we are.  Yes, so I bough the shoe.  By shoe I mean the limited edition collaboration between British footwear designer Sophia Webster and the Japanese makeup brand MAQUILLAGE.  It is the celebration product for the brand's tenth anniversary.
It's a shoe with bonus surprises and look appealing like a Barbie shoe.  All my bald Barbies (like I totally chopped all the hair off them) would have loved a shiny shoe like this with the impossibly high heel.

It's not a shoe.  It's a makeup!

A drawer compartment pulls out.
The square plastic lid is a mirror, and underneath a multicolored pan of product for eyes, cheeks and highlighting.
Here's a guide from the website:
And a few closeups of the pan for your viewing pleasure.  Let me just state right here that I really have no intention of ever swatching or using this (hence cited as a "dumb" thing to do).

And even more little surprises are in the shoe.
It's a solid perfume that pulls out from the front of the sandal, revealing a split pan.  Not sure if the red part is a lip or cheek product or if the whole thing is a scent.  Smells like white flowers and musk to me.  But then again, I don't write about perfumes for a reason because I am a total Philistine.

And the final "it's MAKEUPS!"  The high heel pulls out to reveal a red lipstick from the Dramatic Rouge range.  How adorable is this whole silly thing?!
I'm generally against ever purchasing things just because pretty or collectible like the camellia-patterned CHANEL Camellia Rose Blush.  I think I am holding out the hope that in 40 years, my kids will go through my things and find this in pristine condition, in all its original packaging.  They will take this to PBS Antiques Roadshow and the experts will declare it's an absolute and rare treasure for cosmetics collectors.  While worth well of $500,000.00 in value, the children will decline to ever sell because it belongs in the family as an heirloom.

What do you think?  I hope I'm not the only crazy person.  I purchased my Shoe - No Its MAKEUPS from alphabeauty (non-affiliate link) with free shipping.  It took about 2 weeks to receive it and it was sturdily packaged and padded.
Anyway, for those of you digging out of the massive snowfall, I hope you made it ok.  Apart from the giant snow piles and biting winds, we went sledding, and baked and ate out what was in the freezer and pantry.  I'm tired of eating spaghetti and Spam!

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