Sisley Paris - What I Am Mildly Distracted By

I've become such a worldly miser that I look all over the world to spend a boatload during a sale.

In the U.S., end of season sale events on cosmetics do not really happen.  We have member savings type events at various retailers like Sephora and big beauty events with gift with purchases, savings back type things.  But seeing a reduced price is pretty rare unless it's in the sale section of an online beauty retailer.  After Christmas sales (i.e., Boxing Day sales) is endlessly fascinating to me because MAKEUP ON SALE.  From a pure financial sobriety perspective, the reduced price is something close to the US regular price because most luxury products tend to be so much more expensive elsewhere. Even buying on sale and then having shipped to here doesn't make a good deal of sense.  

Slightly more sensical using warped Belly Logic is to find desirable brands that are for some reason less expensive there than here at regular price.

Case in point Sisley Paris.  This one honking expensive brand here but much less expensive than over there (while still expensive).   This here Phyto Ombre quad in Dream is $115 here, versus £57 in the UK (that's about $84 on the current exchange rate).  I bought this one a few months (maybe weeks?) back when Selfridges had a free international shipping promotion going on.  That was enough to spring for this eye shadow palette, because once they extract out the VAT and send it to me free, why, it's practically free makeup!  *peers at mysteriously low checking account balance*

Anyway, long way around to say that when majority of Sisley was on sale after Christmas, I found my way to the nearest computer terminal and flung some hard-earned American dollars bills at the green screen.  <---this is a lie.  I actually peered into my little iPhone screen, put on my granny reading glasses and checked out my shopping basket into blissful makeup gluttony.  Did I mention free shipping?  Because there was free shipping to America!  It may be difficult for refugees to come to my land, but is it very easy to bring expensive cosmetics in!  No wall there!

I've not tried anything out fully yet, so no thoughts and no words, just some photos to share with you.  I have worn Dream several times so I'll show you some swatches on that neutral quad.
 I struggled about an hour trying to put this into a collage laying out the clear swatch with the fuzzy one (like I did on Instagram), but my Photoshop skills is about a  -4 (sad clowns and trombones).
It IS all lovely and all that.  But boy am I glad I didn't spend $115 + tax.

This is what I purchased at the recent Glutton-Fest:

The Orchidee Blush Highlighter in some uncharacteristically warm shade.

The Phyto blush eclat in Pinky Berry.
These cases are kind of weird.  I love a good animal print as much as any resident of the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut Tri-State area, but the case is awfully bulky and lightweight.  Super-pretty shade though.  Initial thoughts on the product is: *grunt*  Good.
But if brush can scratch your eyes out (not that I'm swishing it on my eye balls.  I'm just making a snarky comment), this brush can do it.  Bluntly sheared bristles.  Doesn't seem like natural hairs to me.

And also this eye shadow single in Quartz.
Which comes in a case that reminds me of protective headgear one might wear as a heavy metal welder.
Beautiful cool taupe (like similar to many other taupes of course).

And finally one of those lip crayon things that I swore up and down I'd never buy because so many other options.  So I had to buy it.
 I do quite like this.  Enough pigment to actually show up and incredibly light in texture.  I do not like the shimmer so much though.

Obviously in the months I've been gone, I've been rampaging and being my regular self and not having learned ANY lessons on sedate spending! ;)  In addition to cooking and gluttony on that front, in equal measure, I have gluttony on this front.

As a side note, or a post script, it's been so very long since I've written anything that it feels hilariously like when I ride a bicycle.  I only learned very recently to ride one and am far from competent, so I over-pedal, start to teeter and over correct the balance.  And somehow found myself stuck in some groove in the uneven sidewalk and going where I didn't really want to do.

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