SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-28 Kinshasuna

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Not to be mean about it, but really, the other quad Kikyoutsubomi is the more conventional one.  That is the one you might naturally think about when you hear Springtime in Tokyo, the one with the flowering cherry blossoms all girly and pink.

I want to turn your attention to other kind of Springtime in Tokyo.  You know the one when you are walking too early in the morning through the city.  It's just barely light outside.  (Maybe you're still a little bit drunk even)  The high rise buildings rise darkly on either side of you and as you pause a moment to regain your balance, you notice the sky turning lighter, picking up pale gold which rises up in streaks from the horizon.  The towering sides of the gleaming building turn from dark grey to a pale silver and then they suddenly catch the morning sunlight.
That's how I imagine Kinshasuna, the limited edition eye shadow quad.  It glows, but in the most urbane way, and has a weird but interesting contrast of gold and silver, like I see when sunlight hits the reflective silver surface of a tall skyscraper.  It's still close to winter, so the air swirls around in frostiness when you exhale.  Brr!
This is definitely the more interesting of the two quads this SS16 season.  Kikyoutsubomi definitely has it's very pretty charms, but I love the unexpected combination of yellow and the palest silver.  The white pan reflects a pink and adds another dimension to this quad.  You can also see Sara's post on this collection (here).

Now a peek at the limited edition Blend Color Eyeshadow palette from SUQQUs SS 16 collection. EX-28 Kinshasuna is the play of sunlight, golden and brightly glinting and silver grey shadows on Tokyo skyscrapers. ☀️🏢🏤🏨 I really love the inspirational concept of this collection. Both this quad and the perm one 22 Kiharutsubomi are a beautiful poetic version of that concept, this is light and shadow play on skyscrapers and the perm quad is spring flowers glowing in the early morning sun. My first impression is that these quads are about lightness and brightness: light glowing through flower petals, light reflected off a building. And also about subtle shadows. The effect on the eyes is subtly enhancing on me. My goal is to assemble some more thoughts on my zombie blog! 🤓 with swatches and copious blah blah blah-ing. #suqqu #suqquuk #suqqumakeup #springcollection #igbeauty #luxurybeauty #luxurymakeup #luxurycosmetics #SS16SUQQU @suqqu_uk_official @suqqu_official
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Some swatches below in indirect, bright natural light on bare skin.

Another set in direct natural light.

  •  A pale cool yellow, with a lot of super fine shimmer in white, green, yellow and pink.  This shade has the densest level of shimmer.  Pale yellows tend to disappear into my skin, so will likely show up more distinctly on beige or pinker toned skin.  (I R Yellow)
  • A pale cool silver, more satin in texture, with similar but less dense shimmer as the yellow.
  • White that has a super subtle flash to pink that is very brightening on my skin.
  • Split pan that has a medium, warm satin brown.  And the other side has a cooler, slightly darker brown with scattered blue and green shimmer.

I think the swatches on my skin tone are kind of so so.  However, I loved it far more when I wore it.

Products Used:
SUQQU Frame Fix Cream N, SUQQU Face Designing Concealer and highlighter in shade H-02, SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural, SUQQU Balancing Cheeks N 04 Mizuhanamoya, SUQQU Bright Up in 08 Azamibae, SUQQU Mascara Base N, Laura Mercier Tightlining Cake in Ebony

The shades, especially the non split pan ones, are very light.  The deeper split pan is enough for me to add enough depth and definition, but the more interesting part of this quad are those lighter shades.  I am wearing the new Bright Up 09 Azamibai.
I've added comparison of the two new quads from this season so you can see the differences between the two a little better.

I think Kinshasuna has the right balance of visual contrast to make this a wonderfully interesting palette when applied.  I do think that a lot of the tones of silver, pale yellow and the white wouldn't be very distinct on deeper skin tones, but others might find this a unique quad!

This SS 16 Collection will be available at Selfridges on Feb 4th and Harrods and Fenwicks on the 18th.  

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