SUQQU Bright Up Lipsticks in 08 Sumidaidai and 09 Azamibai + Swatch Set

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I wonder if makeup products can have sad feelings.  Or feel resentment.  Or feel a reasonable and just feeling of vengeance?  No?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.  But when I think about SUQQU Bright Up lipsticks I wonder why no one talks up these things in the same way the old Creamy Glow formula are talked about.  Creamy Glow lipsticks have been discontinued, but a small range of them are available exclusively in the UK.  I posted about the Creamy Glow and Creamy Glow Moist formulas here.  But my true love (in the form of waxes, pigment and other chemical components) is the Bright Up.  I wrote about them before, but since then have acquired just a few more.

I always found the product name "Bright Up" oddly ironic, because the shade range of these lipsticks is so neutral and office appropriate.  When tantalizing photos on the internets show actual bright looking Bright Ups, I may have kind of peed in my pants.  Yeah yeah, I like refined blah blah blah, but I DO LOVE CLOWN THINGS.

SUQQU Bright Up Lipstick L) 08 Sumidaidai* R) 09 Azamibai*

Now I know SUQQU must have some refined sophisticated (and deranged) sense of humor when the Bright Ups first had NO bright colors.  Then they introduce bright Bright Ups, that actually turn out to be:
SUQQU Bright Ups: L) 08 Sumidaidai R) 09 Azamibai - Not that bright!
Not that bright at all!

Released with the SS16 collection, along with Springtime in Tokyo color collection, 08 Sumidaidai* is definitely orange!  But it has a warm soft pink in it that gives it a soft creamy look on the lips.  09 Azamibai* was actually described in the press materials as a "flaming cherry pink" but when applied, it is a light medium and very translucent warm pink.

Both the shades are sheer, but additional layers will build some more intensity on the lips.  You saw me wearing the soft orange Sumidaidai, when I posted on the new quad 22 Kikyoutsubomi the other day:
I will show you a photo wearing the soft pink Azamibai in a later post.

I did compare to some other colors to see if I can find a similar shade.  I am generally not drawn to orange lipsticks, but do remember picking up a limited edition Creamy Glow Moist (another sheer formula) last spring.  That coordinated nicely with Sakuraori 18, which is an intense orange and pink eye shadow quad.
 Sumidaidai has a bit less intensely ORANGE look, as a bit of pinky milkiness tones it down a bit.  On me, I find this a more wearable orange than the Akadaidai.  Akadaidai is also clearer and more jellied in texture with a more glossy finish.  Obviously, they are close enough that if you have one, you do not need the other.

It turned out that thought Azamibai appeared to be a more readily available color, I didn't really have a good match for it in my collection of bright pinks.  It looks deceptively darker and brighter in the bullet and might have thrown off my color choices for comparison.  Some bright pinks that are non-corals, from left to right:  Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick in Jasmine Weighted Air, Azamibai, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Cherries in the Snow and Guerlain Rouge G in Gladys:
And swatched in the same order here.  SUQQU Azamibai is obviously the lightest of any of these.  Temperature wise, it seems warm like RBR JWA, but none of these compared are close.  As I mentioned before, I can get more intensity by applied more layers and Bright Ups is a great formula for doing that without going thick and goopy on the lips.

As a little bonus, an updated swatch set of the SUQQU Bright Up lipsticks.  I adore these.  They look very close in depth and color on the arm swatches, but each has enough difference in tone to finesse a look.  I love the warmth of 07 Akaanzu particularly.  I'm nearly done and just bought a back up of this.

These are a bunch of gnarly looking, but seriously loved SUQQU Bright Ups
SUQQU Bright Up Lipstick Swatches

To wrap up with a giggle at the un-bright new Bright Up shades from Spring Summer 16, I do think Sumidaidai can be a very beautiful way to introduce a soft orange lip color.  I am getting much enjoyable wear out of this one.  Azamibai is a gorgeous pink even if it is not exactly flaming cherry pink.  In general, I highly recommend Bright Ups lipsticks.

SUQQU's SS16 Collection will launch in the UK February 4th in Selfridges and the 18th in Harrod and Fenwicks.

Have you tried Bright Ups lipsticks or are you the consummate Creamy Glow fan?

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