SUQQU SS 2016 Collection

One of the reasons I want to return to the blog is that I love showing all the ways many of my favorite brands and items practically dance in the light.  And when I learned SUQQU was releasing two bright shades of my very favorite lipstick formula, I had to unshackle myself from the constraints of the more limited social media aspects of Instagram and Twitter and run back over here.
I am very lucky (and always excited) to have received a few pieces from the upcoming SS16 SUQQU collection.  I've been photographing (as well as previewing already on my Instagram profile) and busy editing away.  I'm am jumping up and down and getting ready to publish as I go!

In the meanwhile, some notes from the press release information that you might like to know:
"SUQQU’s SS16 Colour Collection is inspired by Tokyo in the spring time. Almost as if someone has taken a paintbrush to the city, its parks and riverbanks spring into bloom with Japan’s iconic cherry blossom. 
The arrival of the cherry blossom, which lasts no longer than two weeks, brings a city-wide excuse to let go of your daily worries and live for the moment. Powerful yet pure, sophisticated yet natural, SUQQU take inspiration from this explosion of colour and organic colour palette for their SS16 Colour Collection."
The collection this time includes two Blend Color Eyeshadow palettes.  You already know these quads from SUQQU are near and dear to me.  This time, no more cream shade, and now a split fourth pan.  The release mentions a new formula for these quads.  More to come on those in my more in depth posts!
  • EX-18 Kinshasuna – Champagne yellow and silver-grey mimic the shadows and light cast by the sun as it peeks through Japanese sky scrapers
  • 22 Kikyoutsubomi – Captures the fresh glow and innocence of new flower buds soaked in spring sun as it rises
The trios are back this time in two limited edition palettes.
  • EX-05 Shimichazumi – Inspired by Tokyo frozen in a spring haze, gradually thawing and glowing in lights
  • EX-06 Hanamizuki – A harmony of pink and green, reminiscent of warm pink Hanamizuki flowers surrounded by dewy green leaves

There is another limited edition Face Color Palette (EX-04), with color correcting, pore covering and brightening with the powder side.  And also includes a coral-pink blush.

In addition to my two beloved Bright Ups in 08 Sumidaidai (an orange) and 09 Azamibai (a flaming cherry pink), there are Dual Lip Colours in split containers to use alone or to layer the two shades.  All are limited edition shades:
  • EX-01 Mitsuhare – Clear Beige and Coral Orange blend together to replicate the shades of fresh cherry blossom
  • EX-02 Mizusaki – Clear Peach and Fresh Pink – fresh, dewy, pink flowers blossoming by crystal-clear rivers
  • EX-03 Benishizuku – Clear Pink and Rose Red are vibrant like roses speckled with morning dew

And finally two nail colors which are both limited edition.  I've never tried these as importing to the US is not allowed.  How are they?

  • EX-13 Kogaregumo – Grey Beige, the shade cast by clouds of Tokyo city indicating the end of winter, waiting for the spring sunshine to burst through
  • EX-14 Haruakane – Clear Red, warm and glowing like the lanterns that illuminate the streets of Tokyo on a spring night
SUQQU recently opened distribution in Taiwan and I am pretty much awash with jealousy and loathing.  D:  The Japan counters are previewing the new collection right now as they tend to open to the customer a few weeks earlier than in the UK.    Let me direct your attention to @peonygirl22 on Instagram.  She's already previewed (swatches, too!) this collection from Tokyo.  

Meanwhile, I am swatching, photographing, applying and sighing happily.

UK launches February 4th at Selfridges and the 18th at Harrod's and Fenwick.

For your convenience, links to specific products I've posted on.  You can bookmark this post to get quick links to each product as I post on this blog:

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Limited Edition Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-28 Kinshasuna (here)

SUQQU SS16 Face Colour Palette in EX-04

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