SUQQU SS16 Face Colour Palette in EX-04

         >> This post features product provided without charge by the brand/pr for consideration <<

Normally, I am laser focused on eye shadow palettes.  However in trying out this upcoming SS16 color collection from SUQQU, I was actually completely surprised by the Face Palette.  I've had a few of these over the years, which come with a face powder side and then a blush side.  Generally there's a pretty embossment on the product pan and the blush is some nondescript but very pretty shade.  Here's one from AW 2013 (here), as an example.  And in the case of this new one from SS16, there's some impossible sounding claims of pore coverage, tone correction, radiance and redness coverage.  That's some pretty amazing sounding claims... the kind that makes you both instantly covet and to which simultaneously give the side eye.

As in its normal packaging format, a top tier holds two brushes.  One is angled to better pick up and apply the blush, and a second flat one for the face powder.  These are perfectly serviceable, and certainly softer than the Sisley blush brush I was complaining about earlier, but nothing to write home about.  Natural hair with blunt cut tips.
Can you see the different colors in the larger face pan?  
Here's a low-exposure photo so you can see a bit better:
There's a pale yellow square surrounded by blue, pink, green and purple Tetris shapes.  The concept feels like what you'd see in various Guerlain Meteorites, which use different tones to neutralize sallowness, redness, et cetra.

To confess, I had a really bad swatching session.  The powders in both the face and blush sides are very soft.  When I used a finger to get the heavy swatches to show you in the later pictures, there was so much loose dust kicked up, I was kind of making this face:  >___O

Similarly, using the inclosed brushes to get the lightly blended and sheer swatches similarly kicked up a pile of dust.  Let's just say, I was feeling a pit in my stomach anticipating writing this post about how disappointing this product was.

Even worse, these swatches I took that day made me afraid to unfurl this glittery mess all over my face.
I mean LOOK at those visible glitter bits all over the place?!

Take a good look at the face powder side.  The heavily swatched side (used my finger) looked very much like I was applying a warm white toned highlighter.  And I can definitely tell the brightening effect of the face powder on the sheerly applied side (along with BITS of glitter).  Surely, this is a harbinger of Glitter-Amarmageddon.

The blush was even more over the top shimmery.  Do you see that silvery stuff diffused but still glinting away on the left side?  Yes, the pale peachy pink is pretty (if very lightly pigmented), but when I applied lightly, the color faded away and left a random scattering of silver.
Here it is again, out of focus so you can see the glinting lights even better.

At this point, you might wonder how this is all going to pan out (ha ha, pan).  I mentioned at the top of the post how this ended up being a surprise because it WAS.  I will cut to the chase and let you know now that I FREAKING LOVE THIS THING!  If you want to know more scroll scroll and scroll on some more.

Let me demonstrate by wearing my current most matte foundation, which is the SUQQU Frame Fix Cream N (shade 002, covered in detail here).  It is a cool yellow suitable for around NC15-20 in depth.  I only need a tiny dab to generally cover any uneven areas.  In this photo, I'm wearing the foundation and have concealed with the new concealing palette from SUQQU, and set with the Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural (d/c... WHY?????!!!  :((( )
Now I give myself a healthy dusting of the left side (the face powder side of the EX-04 Face Colour Palette):
I wonder if you can tell any significant difference in the photo, but in real life the effect is quite instantaneous for me.  For instance, I dusted on my forehead first and applied more heavily there and saw my forehead a-light with light!  There's a definitely lightening (I guess whitening) effect where dusted.

Now let's zoom in with my macro lens because the most worrisome of those swatches were those overt shimmer bits.  Please disregard the weird tone of my skin, since the light was very troublesome and I didn't bother color correcting this photo.  More importantly, let's check for any visible shimmer bits.  If you click on the photo (Blergh, then you can go spelunking in my pores) and yes, you can certainly see some shimmer.  However, the effect isn't at all disco-ball like and actually infinitely refined.
Of the initial product claims, I definitely experience overall radiance and tone correction.  What I can't really see is anything that seem like pore coverage or significant redness reduction.  There's the more interesting feat of having a shimmer product applied all over my face without emphasizing pores as many products can do.

There's something about the cold and dark days of winter that suck all the life out of my skin and I am really pleased with how it adds instant bright radiance to my face.
Even the blush, a pale coral pink added a nice soft definition on my cheeks without insane shimmer.
Let's go spelunking for glitter with the blush applied on:
Glow, yes.  Overt and distracting glitter, no.  I'm not sure why my swatches were so terrible compared to the actual face application, but I guess it goes to show that the most important thing in any product is not how it photographs, or swatches, but how it applies on the face.

Applicator note: I think the enclosed brushes are probably so so for application although would do in a pinch.  A dense and larger brush head (I used my Koyomo saikoho goat hair brush) for the face powder and lightly buffed the powder all over my face.
Having tested this for a while, and observed my skin in bright outdoor sunlight, indoor terrible fluorescent light and shade, this finishing product really exceeded my expectation.  

Who might really enjoy this palette?
  • Recommend for fair to medium-light complexions.  The brightening effect may add some ashiness to those that are darker in tone.
  • Folks that do not fear the shimmer, especially the very refined kind
  • Looking for color correction on the face that is a bit more stronger than what you might achieve with Guerlain Meteorites
  • Wouldn't mind layering on the blush side for the color to show up a bit stronger (while never achieving an intense color)

Weeeelll... that was an interesting start to SS16!

Disclosure: this post features a product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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