The Jonas Pantry Diary

What to make for all the meals when snowed in with no prospects of a run to the supermarket?  For no one's enjoyment but my own, a post to celebrate my very own dull resourcefulness in meal prep.


  • Breakfast: omelet for four people with four eggs with a soggy and suspect looking zucchini, chopped up broccoli where the flowers were going a little yellow and onion.  In retrospect, this was a little skimpy, but it was stuffed with vegetables.  Also crunchy white bread toasted with gobs of butter and homemade peach jelly.  (I didn't make the jelly, but way up north in Upstate New York, on the road to my sister in law's family's campground is a lady that sells jams and jellies (road sign reads "Jelly Jam" which is what I kids are forever calling them)  Lots of coffee
  • Snack:  Hot chocolate.  And because we were entertaining two other little kids post-snow storm sledding, we had to make lots of it in two separate batches.  Of course, my kids are lactose intolerant and the other kids couldn't have things processed in factories with eggs.  
  • Baked Goody of the Day:  Finally banana bread!  I've been waiting over a week for my neon yellow bananas to become nice and mottled.  I've never made this before (probably because I like bananas and always finish them before they become gross brown and mushy, which is what you need for bread!).  I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.   Love this site, but oddly only tried dessert and sweet recipes from here.
  • Lunch: what to feed vegetarian, lactose intolerant, egg-intolerant children?  I say egg-intolerant because I misunderstood the mom when I heard that the kid doesn't eat eggs.  Not allergies, she just hates it.  I made a box of thin spaghetti with a simple tomato sauce from canned san marzano tomatoes.  I make this a lot.  Apparently I make it so much I finished all the thin spaghetti stash in the pantry.
  • Dinner:  Triangle-shaped Gimbap (samgak gimbap in Korean or onigiri in Japanese).  I was inspired by watching Maangchi's recipe.  I had the plastic wrapped seaweed sheets so making it was fast and easy.  We filled ours with seasoned tuna (from a can) and Spam chopped up finely and sautéed until browned.
  • Breakfast: husband dude made breakfast while I slept in late.  The thrill of hurtling down a hill in the snow the day prior must have made me very tired.  Breakfast sandwiches of sautéed Spam slices and egg on crusty white bread.  I feel like Hormel should sponsor me to do a post or something.  More coffee.
  • Lunch:  Kids had tomato soup (some organic kind in a carton from Target) along with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Lots of cut up honeydew melon and cut up mangoes.  Adults had oden soup.  Oden is the Japanese term, Koreans call it eomook, which is a fish cake.  We had it frozen in the freezer so this comes in handy for a cold day.  There was lots of shoveling snow after breakfast, so hot soup hit the spot.
  • Snack:  I had some instant cup noodle (Jin ramen) because I needed my carbohydrate and msg fix.  Kids had some greek yogurt.  Everyone ate more banana bread.
  • Dinner:  Homemade pizza!  I used a recipe from the Gourmet Today cookbook edited by Ruth Reichl, which is ready in about 2 hours and requires kneading.  Praise be Pan for the KitchenAid!  I used the last can of tomatoes from the pantry to make a marinara sauce with lots of fresh basil, gobs of olive oil, many crushed garlic and a sprinkling of hot pepper flakes.  We had fresh mozzarella cheese which we used for one pizza and regular pre-shredded kind of the second pizza.  The taste in quality is very obvious because I got to taste one right after the other!  1/2 the pizza was pepperoni and the other half was made margherita.  I just realized, next time I will make my own little anchovy corner because no one like anchovies but me!

I realize that the freezer, refrigerator and pantry are all mostly full.  Apart from replenishing necessities like dried pasta and canned tomatoes, I seem to have a habit of buying more than I need!  I was cleaning out the pantry the other day and found 3 half open bags of brown sugar because I keep on buying them over and over without realizing I still have some!  And then throwing out expired things (and I mean expired beyond the point of no return) makes me sad.

I think I'm going to need to do some more pantry weekends to keep on clearing through more things.  I think there are parallels in this experience to another part of my life.  I can almost grasp it, but I'm not sure what it is exactly.

What you cook this weekend, blizzard-bound people?

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