Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Jane

Many sad tales to be told in this post.  Most sad part would be that Rescue Beauty Lounge is no more.  I wasn't ever really into any nail polish brands except for this one.  While I never attempted to collect every single one, many of the colors in her collections did catch my eye.  Once I got wind that her brand was going to go the way of the dodo bird, I finally picked up the shade Jane.

Jane is not a very pretty shade.  Indeed, even among neutral shades, it's rather the oddball, looking like dirty concrete.  It is a light grey, with a hint of yellow.  Jane does have a feature that is something of a regular occurrence in these Recue Beauty Lounge shades: "The Secret Shimmer."

In the bottle the shimmer is most easily seen.  What first appeared to be a light colored concrete, is loaded with very fine shimmer in champagne, pale orange and aqua.  The infuriating thing about these shimmers is that it is near impossible to see once you apply the polish on the nails.

The application on most RBL polishes is very easy and the formula is gorgeously even.  Same for Jane, except it is slightly thick.  It is nearly opaque in one coat, and completely perfect in two.

Here I'm wearing with the brand's top coat (also a dear favorite).  (That's the other sad part of this tale.  I am going to be so sad when I am done with the Top Coat and the Base Coat!)

There's something weird about this shade that it brings out the redness in my skin BUT just stays on the right side of Lobster Hands.  Ever wear a nail polish (usually a lighter neutral shade) that has the most unholy clash with your skin tone and makes every hang nail & raggedy cuticle look as if suffering from a case of gangrene?  Jane almost goes to the very edge of Lobster Hands, but doesn't cross that line.

It's a rather unattractive shade if considered from a conventional perspective of prettiness.  It's kind of a dull shade.  Could be the name, could be that super secret shimmer.  Could be because it was the last Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish I purchased.  Truth be told, I do rather like Jane.

Did you have any last purchase hurrahs when the brand was closing shop?  Which shades are some of your favorites from the brand?

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