SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick in 02 Kyoganoko

I would say this post is less of a product review and more of a word stew on the color pink.

I find mid-tone pinks like this not easy to wear.  Other kinds of colors, as with the bravado of a very dark vampy shade, or an extremely warm or cool red lipstick is more easily worn than a pink like the SUQQU Creamy Glow Kyoganoko.  Very distinctive shades like a vamp or a red act like accessories that can stand on its own and doesn't require a bunch of complementary shades on the cheeks or eyes to come together.  (or so I think)

I find mid-tone pinks so touch-and-go that this is the second time I've purchased this one particular shade of the UK exclusive Creamy Glow lipstick in Kyoganoko.  Not because I finished it the first time, but because I got rid of one soon after purchasing it.  A warm toned pink such as this would seem like an easy color, but takes a lot more effort in application and coordination with other makeup than I would like.
For a pink shade, part of the trouble is that once you don't rely on the drama (and distraction) that a vamp or a red can do, the pink must rely fully on its own perfection and its harmony to the face of the wearer!  

I think there are so many things that can go wrong, or fall into a quick downward spiral... like with the flush of the toilet.  One is that an odd pairing of my skin's undertone and the undertone of the pink lipstick can do no pretty pink (or my face) a favor.  

The other thing is color clarity.  Grace London (whose blog is no longer.  *SOB*) had a wonderful post several years back about how two very similar shades (in depth & temperature) can have vastly different effect on the wearer by virtue of being clear or white-based.  Yah!  I don't have the right powers of description to explain as clearly as she wonderfully did, but I do much better with clear colors than white based ones.  It's not necessarily opacity, even though white based shades are easily more opaque than clear ones.  I have sheer colors that are white based.  Are you confused yet?  Because I am confused myself!  
SUQQU Kyoganoko to my eye, is a warm bright pink.  This Creamy Glow formula is high on slip, but very high in pigment.  One swipe will give a fully opaque coverage on my lips and will completely cover my lip color.  I find this to be more white-based than I like, which makes it challenging to wear.  What I really do like is that it has a slight warmth that kind of sort of is complementary to my skin tone.
It has a nice brightening effect on the skin, but has an interesting way of amplifying the other features on my face.  So in that way, I had to think about what blush, what eye shadow, etc etc.  What a pain to have to think about anything!  I love brainless makeup application.

I am wearing SUQQU old quad in Gokushi (swatches here), Sisley Phyto Blush in Pinky Berry (previewed here) for the main color components of my makeup.  On an unrelated note, I am oddly pleased with my accidental purchase of the NON waterproof version of the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.  The waterproof version is a long time mainstay, but this regular version is doing some freaky awesome lengthening for me, although it comes with the price of flaking.

It is actually a really beautiful pink, just not quite the swipe and go kind of colors I'm mostly drawn to... because of the LAZY and LACK OF BRAINZES.

Do you also find pinks difficult to wear?

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