SUQQU Eye Shadow Palette in EX-06 Hanamizuki

*fires up the blog*  *cranks medieval mechanism of cogs, wheels, and wind turbines*  *pushes mule-like on a large wheel*  *makes a small breakage of winds from the exertion*

Oh boy.  I think not having even a small semblance of a schedule for posting makes it even harder to keep up any posts!  At least when I felt some self motivating to blog on a regular basis, even if it meant just one post a week made me feel that I should keep ideas on the back burner and ready to fire.  Having allowed my blogging self to melt into a puddle of lax and unmotivated goo is making me feel zero urge to post.  It used to be that even when I go away on vacation, I would answer comments or maybe even post a scheduled post.  I used to feel a level of stress about not tending to the blog as if it were a living thing that required attention.  These days, I might go weeks without posting (obvs!) but even more, not even think about it!  What kind of a terrible faux blogger am I?!  *mild wind blows*

Several reasons keep me very occupied these days.  Growing fingernails.  Pondering how to transplant two overgrown cacti into a larger pot.  Square root of 9.  In addition to that work is sucking all waking hours from me and threatens to steal a chunk of the sleeping ones, too.  All thoughts of beauty products and shiny sparkles have been usurped by business models, pivot tables and longing for lunch hour.  I take small pleasure and solace that the colleague sitting next to me has a slightly more than average person's appreciation of makeup.  She gave me a bunch of Korean skincare for Christmas that I promptly went nuts and gave her a Rouge G.

So I thought I'd show off my recently acquired eye shadow trio from the recent SS2016 collection from SUQQU.  *thrashes around*  *panic ensues*  Hanamizuki EX-06 is one of the two limited edition trios from this collection.  I've already shown you the others I've tried from this release.  I wasn't originally going to get this because I thought the pigmentation and the colors weren't going to be what I was looking for.
Oh wait!  *flails around*  That's not my trio!  Why that's one is a case that looks identical to the eye shadow palette.  Ok!  You got me there.  I just wanted to show off the giant pan I'm sporting in the middle concealing shade.  How often does that happen?!

SUQQU EX-06 Hanamizuki
Hanamizuki has a subtle grouping of shades:

  • A dark satiny cool-toned brown.  It's a bit more complex than that.  It is an olive brown.  
  • A warm shimmery rose-peach.  
  • A warm pale pink, that is more shimmery than the middle shade, mostly showing up as shimmer on my skin.
The pigmentation of all three shades is very light.  Why the pigmentation was so light in swatches that I was wondering if it would actually show up on my skin.  I had spent a week on vacation walking around in the sun that I picked up a bit of tan.    My skin tends to eat up color and desaturate many shades into an nondescript taupe version of itself.  In this case, the swatches were very true to the pan, but lacking in impact due to the soft pigmentation.
SUQQU EX-06 Hanamizuki swatches
Well, apparently the worries were unfounded.  It turns out that Hanamizuki is an excellent and very easy palette for me.  The shades show up softly, but well on my eyelids giving a nicely defined look.
I am kind of glad I got this palette late.  Late, as in not immediately at the release without waking for other swatches and reviews.  I knew from reading that a less layered placement would likely work best and keep the colors distinct.  Going against my instinct to layer everything into pea soup as I normally would, I each each color do its own thing.  I used the rose shade all over my mobile lid, and applied slightly above my crease.  I used the brown shade to define the upper lash line and also used a tulip placement on the inner portion of my upper lid and defined the outer corner.  I used the rose all along my lower lash line, and then only on the outer third of my lower lash line.  I used the pale pink in the inner corner and sweeping it slightly into my crease.
Some good reads/swatches/looks on other fellow bloggers, Sara, Emily and Be.  I would say that achieving a bold look would be impossible, but for a softly feminine look, with subtle definition, I think this is quite a lovely palette for that.  The overall look is very glowing as well and very much in line with the rest of the collection's esthetics.
In the above look, I am wearing the SUQQU gel liner pen in black, THREE blush in 20 Love Twist, and SUQQU Bright Up lipstick in 02 Hanabeni.  And that concealer palette with the pan! :D
Why does that THREE blush look so naked and vulnerable?  Could it be... SATAN??!!  I mean, could it be DEPOTTING?  Turns out that once you peel the back sticker label off, a little pinhole magically appears into which one can not resist but poke a small metal pin into and then...oops!  I actually use all these colors very regularly and waste too many a precious minutes in my harried mornings trying to figure out which color is which.  Now, I can see that both my mornings and life will be so much better.
Since you are still here and captive to my blathering, I will keep you in stuck in the chair with some masking tape and show you my vacation photos.

I went to Orlando.  A return trip since I went there a few years ago.  This time, with the little kids a little bigger, and their brains freshly stuffed with Harry Potter novels, we also spent most of it at Universal Orlando.  I was so impressed and amazed with the amazing way they present the Harry Potter worlds.  This is Diagon Alley, with the dragon perched atop Gringotts.  I was impressed enough that the pain of spending ~$100 for 2 magic wands was mostly gone by the end of the trip.  The wands are interactive so that at numerous spots you can swish and cast a spell for some magic to happen.  
Even better was Butterbeer.  I love that there's a place to go where I can drink a $8 cup of Butterbeer. It was really much too sweet for me, but delicious all the same.  Tastes like a fizzy butterscotch with whipped cream on top.
Butterbeer!  And Pumpkin Juice to the right, which was super tasty.
Universal was excellent, but I do love Epcot especially at Disney.  It's kind of crazy how engrained that Disney marketing machine makes even grumpalups like me start singing It's a Small World while walking along all the Disney parks.  I want to be a princess when I grow up, too! D:

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