SUQQU Old Generation Quads

I know my posts tend to be either too wordy or too full of pictures.  Or even worse, full of both too many words and too many photos!  I am a terrible editor!  

I will tell you a little something.  When my blog was offline, I found that my general interest in makeup didn't wane all that much, but rather took on a more obsessive quality altogether.  Sometime during this period, I can say I went out on a hunt and I hunted not for wabbits, but rather I hunted for the really old SUQQU quads.

Look how I did (and already tidily depotted into a most elegant free-form palette):
The "OG" Original Good SUQQU Palettes
From Left to Right: 01 Souryoku, 02 Gokushi, 03 Saisei, 10 Sakuragi, EX06 Maiyuki
I was first calling these first generation eye shadows, but in reality the brand also offered singles as well.  Anyway, this generation was replaced by what is now the UK-exclusive color range 01-06 (I have posts of all of those on the blog).

On the whole, this old generation of quads are very pigmented.  It does make my eye twitch to see them not aligned so symmetrically in the Z-Palette because of the small pan.  *twitch*  Most of these are almost so pigmented that I need to really be careful and light handed about application.

I took it upon myself to swatch all of these, in case you have an insane desire to spend all your free time and all your fun money tracking them down, too.

  • 01 Souryoku is a very green palette.  Applied, I prefer this much to the current UK quad 02 Kokedama.  Souryoku has its cool silvery sage shade (2nd from left, on the swatches below), but both the deep and medium greens have a warm brown tone that makes it very wearable.  SUQQU was once fabled for being amazing with greens, and I can see why when I use this palette.  This is gorgeous.

  • 02 Gokushi is that looks the most appealing to me in the pan, but in reality a little bit more challenging to wear.  The warm brown and dark cool purple are both similar in depth and slightly boggles my pea brain on a placement that makes good use of both shades.  The light gray is a very balanced grey that doesn't turn blue when applied on me.  That's pretty rare for gray shadows.  The "little" pan isn't really a base shade, but more of a pigmented highlighting shade which is full of white shimmer.

  • A blue on blue palette isn't my usual thing, especially when paler blues are in the mix.  Leave it to SUQQU to make it completely wearable.  The deep blue is very useful for creating more depth and shading on the lash line or crease (when used lightly).  And surprisingly, that very bright blue doesn't clash with my yellow skin.  It's easy to create a very sophisticated gradation with the three blues and then add a bright accent with the little pan, which brings a very icy look.  That's probably the one shade that can be misused to turn the look completely 80's (and not in a cool way).

Here they are lined up.

  • 04 Shunboku turned out to be a surprising favorite.  Extremely smooth, giving a rich application with no heaviness.  That manilla envelop yellow pan turns out to be an incredible skin toned base shade on my lids!  The first and third shades appear green toned in the pan, but are in actuality a rich silver and a very dark grey.  The second shade has a lot of stark contrast on my skin.  This quad doesn't look nearly as good in the pan than when applied.

Ugh.  This one really broke my heart.  The texture on this one was so dry and hard that is was extremely difficult getting any color to transfer on my skin on the dark shade.  Sakuragi!
  • 10 Sakuragi has an inspired concept of the colors of a cherry tree.  The texture on this quad was very difficult to work with.  The dark brown shade (3rd swatch here) was so unpigmented, dry and applied very patchy.  The lighter shades really had no contrast or variation in depth that this quad wasn't nearly has functional as I would have liked.

  • EX-06 Maiyuki has little silver snowflakes on the case.  But since I am a serial depotter, I've put all those cases deep deep away.  This one is very pretty and has a rich metallic quality to it. The top two shades are a warm taupe and a cool pink.  The dark brown is satin with sparse red shimmer.   The pale little pan is a lovely cool satiny beige.
And a little group photo of those three quads in swatches.

I hope you enjoyed this giant dump of photos. :)  I am actually in the midst of cataloguing all my SUQQU palettes.  Oddly enough, I find my own blog to be a good personal resource.  I use it to jog my brain of names of products/color names, remember why I purged things, and also importantly to not buy duplicates of what I own.

I hunt these down using a service that buys from Yahoo Auctions in Japan.   If you are interested in more information, do let me know in the comments.  Any questions are all welcome, too.   More information on how to track these down in this post here.

Wabbit Hunting on Japan Yahoo Auctions

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