CHANEL Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Color in Deep Purple

The trouble with deep statement color is the careful application and usually the inevitable touch up.  For lazybones types (all raise hand proudly), the maintenance part can be a deal breaker.  I saw this shade featured on Gummy's blog a while back and I purchased mine at Lord & Taylor when they were having a friends and family discount a while back.  Deep Purple is a real statement color!
I owned one of these dual ended lip thingies from Chanel many years back.  I remember it was very drying but useful due to its incredible longevity.  The color appears rich and deep, a more plum than a purple with some fine shimmer.
The Rouge Double Intensité come with two sides, one is the color end with a flocked angled applicator and a clear gloss end with a nylon brush.
Couple of issues with this product, some major actually.  The colored part of the product, a slightly thick liquid, has a bit of time to set and apply.  Using the flocked applicator results in a very imprecise line.  Especially for a shade this deep, using a more precise applicator would be more preferable.

It also applies very unevenly.  While I can swipe quickly and take some time to fix the lip line before it sets, I can see the color is light and dark in areas.  A second coat will even out the coat a bit and will also give some extra dark intensity to the color.

Another issue is that it's important for me to prep my lips with a hydrating balm prior to using a formula as dry as this one.  But using a balm, even after carefully wiping off after a while, will cause the application to be even more uneven and also affect the longevity of the formula (oils, you see).

The gloss does a nice job adding a glassy sheen to the whole thing.  It's important to let the formula completely set before applying the gloss.  Otherwise, it will move around the color I've worked so hard to apply evenly.  The gloss is really not an optional step because without this necessary hydrating topping, my lips feel like it is slowly being shrink wrapped while the color sets.

The good is that the color is completely dramatic and beautiful.  Intense and dark, the shimmer kind of shows if I am peering at a macro lens photo, but on my lips, it appears shimmer free.  There's definitely some brown in the color as well, which shows even more when the color is layered on with more than one layer.

Now on the longevity...  It is incredibly hard to wash this off the skin (from a swatch) or from the lips.  Micellar water barely makes a dent, and cleansing oil makes a dent but with some serious rubbing.  A bi-phasic makeup remover would be your best shot at cleanly removing this.  This is with some serious soaking and rubbing with Bioderma micellar water.
The ironic thing is that while cleaning the product off is so hard, it doesn't last as well when worn on the lips!  I'm sure part of it is the balm I've used to prep my lips (even after wiping off), and the grease level in my diet.  Inevitably, the color wears off the inner part of my lips leaving a very unattractive ring of uncolored lips surrounded by dramatic color.  Yeah, not the look I usually go for.  Sadder still is that reapplying over seems even more draggy and uneven than when freshly applied.

Speaking of uneven application, look how it pools into my vertical lines and making my lips look like the most dramatic shriveled up prune ever!
Serious bummer about this terrible formula.  The color is absolutely stunning.  Not an everyday color for sure, but this formula makes it pretty much a never-day color.
It's probably best to get a nicer formula and suck it up and touch up and reapply as needed rather than to deal with this shrink-wrapping abomination of a lip product.

Have you tried the CHANEL Double Intensity lip colors?  I found my other color much better than Deep Purple.  I wonder if the crappy formula is partly due to the intensity of this particular shade.

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