Much Excite! I Are Featured Blogger on the Rouge Bunny Rouge Website

Guess what raving loon is featured on Rouge Bunny Rouge's website?  Stop scratching your head, pretending to be all befuddled.  Don't play coy.  I know you guessed it was ME all along!  I am tremendously flattered to be called a "maven" of anything, and to be called a beauty maven by one of my truly adored and special favorite brands is a blogging highlight.  (To celebrate, I shall be rolling around in bed covered in their shimmering loose eye shadow this evening)

I talk about product favorites and also what I wish for from the brand.  Maybe you will agree with some of those.  Please have a look and read at my blogger feature on the Rouge Bunny Rouge site (here).

And for the cherry on top, you can use my special 20% off discount code on your order on the website and it applies for all global regions.  RBR-Wondegondigo20

Do YOU have a special wish list of products you hope RBR will make, too?

SUQQU UK Exclusive Summer 16 Color Collection

SUQQU Eyeshadow Brush S