Negative Nelly, Blustering Belly

This post actually started a whole other way.  I just selected all the draft text and pressed the delete button.  While I was composing my thoughts, I realized my grumble grumble angry feelings about what I thought were two disparate matters are two very related ones.

You can consider this a vague post and just skip it altogether, but I'm going to use my personal space here to do some self expression.

As most of you know (any probably care not in the least), I don't make any money off this blog.  I was going to run Adsense, but pathetically small technological and administrative hurdles made it challenging to do so.  By default this is a completely money-free zone!  (Kind of like my PayPal account after a Japan makeup spree)

Guess what though?  When other bloggers are making money off their blogs, I cheer for them.  The great majority of fellow bloggers are female and I cheer for women making use of new media to use their hard work to make money!  Only one thing makes me frown about this whole monetization issue: lack of transparent disclosure.  If I see an ad banner in your sidebar, flashing in the post, making warbly MIDI music, I think that is cool!  I can clearly tell that's an ad.  I might not enjoy it, I might close the window, but I think it's cool to make money.  If you disclose clearly that you got a free product sample, or that you are using an affiliate link, or you're doing a sponsored post, I cheer that too!  It helps me put on the right glasses with which to filter when I view your beautiful photos and read your engrossing text.  But when you are not clearly disclosing or try to make it difficult to tell, it makes me feel like you're trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

I tell you what ELSE bugs me: when people that enjoy blogs (I'm not talking about YOU specifically) for all the photos, information, and reviews and think that bloggers don't have the right to be compensated.  I know most of you are scratching your head and wondering what's bringing all this on, but hope you can understand that I'm having a reaction to something specific.  :(  Blogs exist for all sorts of niche and non-niche areas, not just beauty.  Fact is beauty bloggers cover one consumer segment, but there's a billion other blogs focused on all interest areas.  I truly wonder if these same readers would also feel the same about bloggers being compensated for covering other industries (and probably not run by majority women).

And this other thing is bugging the rabbit pellets out of me today.  I saw something that was questioning of my honesty and integrity.  It also implied I was making money out of it.  As I mentioned before, I make no money on this hobby of mine.  If I did, it would be A-OK with me, and if I did, I would disclose the heck out of it.  I do receive product samples.  I only feature what I like. I really write for my pleasure so products are narrowly in line with products I want to use.

That's it.

*Google Mic Drop*  *Flees*

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