ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Loves Lights Highlighting Powder - in Goddess and Sweet to Touch

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It's an embarrassment of riches when a parcel arrives from Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Sometimes I wonder if with my long-term obsession with the brand, some sort of a Belly Brain to Bunny connection has been established.  Often what lands in my mailbox are things released from the brand I've been scribbling away on my wish list or (even weirder), thing I wish they would release.  

In this case, I want to feature things that have been on my wish list, the two shades of the highlighting powder.  In the brand's recent activity of repackaging their products, their pan highlighters were also given a luxurious facelift.  
The cases are now held closed by a magnet and have a much heavier and solid feel than the old ones. 
Goddess in the foreground; Sweet to Touch in the background
Yes, the pans themselves have also been given a nice design uplift.  They now feature the "Crap!  How am I ever going to mar this thing?" embossment with a small RBR logo.  These do definitely wear away with time, but for me nothing is untouchable.  All must be touched.  :)

I know Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighters well (here).  I like liquid highlighters in particular because they are multipurpose.  I can use them just to highlight or also use to mix into my base products for an allover complexion brightener.  While I love embossed pans from brands like Chanel or Dior with their limited editions, I find myself preferring the liquid ones like the RBR ones.

Even knowing my own personal preference, I couldn't help be tempted by these.  First, Rouge Bunny Rouge's powders are some of the most delectable.  I'm on my second tub of the Diaphanous Finishing Powder (here) and their eye shadows (here) make up a bulk of my collection aside from my SUQQUs.  While languishing on my wish list, that weird Brain to Bunny connection must have triggered an incoming parcel and well... here they are.

In addition to the packaging update, the formula itself has been reformulated.  I haven't tried the original powder highlighters but this new version contains anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.  While it's hard to say if these skincare benefits can be effective in a makeup product, but I have to say, these are some of the SWEETEST textures I've ever experienced:  soft but not powder kicking, silky without a hint of dryness and the way it adheres to my skin is beautiful!  One thing though is even when applying heavily, I don't think it's possible to get a very intense gleaming application.  (Maybe applied with a damp applicator?  Anyone tried that yet?)
  • Goddess - which looks a pinky beige in the pan applies as a pale cream with a slight pink tone and a warm glow. This is more subtle out of the two highlighters.  It's possible to use this as an all over powder and enjoy the very soft glow all over.  It is subtle but incredibly pretty on the skin.
  • Sweet to Touch - an amber base shade with a warm golden shimmer.  This one is slightly more pigmented as well as more shimmery.  It still remains very subtle.  This one looks gloriously beautiful now that I picked up some more color on my skin.

Hope this shows how refined these powders are on the skin.  

Handy Comparisons

I thought it would be useful to compare to some other Rouge Bunny Rouge products.  In particular, I thought you'd like to see how these powder highlighters compare to the more popular liquid highlighters.  The liquid ones also have a very fanciful name: Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid.  I'm comparing the powder Loves Lights in Goddess with the liquid Sea of Tranquility.  I thought the pan would apply more pink on the skin and thought it would be close to SoT, but they are not close at all!

Sea of Tranquility is much more pink, as well as more sparkly in comparison.  It's kind of funny that SoT appears that way because it is actually a very subtle shimmer product in its own right.  It's that the Goddess is so smoothly glowing and so much more refined in comparison.  It's almost impossible to pick out any individual shimmer particles in Goddess in these photos.

Now the color of the Sweet to Touch powder highlighter has several close cousins from RBR.  I'm showing you (L to R) StT, Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay and the Liquid Bronzer.  I've neglected to pull out the liquid Sea of Showers.  Alas!

The Sweet to Touch powder has a strong warm gold shimmer that pulls the overall color warmer.  The base shade in the powder is fairly close to the Bronzing Glow Powder.  As an aside, the Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay is something I'm using a lot of lately.  Its a great bronzer for paler skin tones and is not overly warm.  It adds color without adding any orange and has a more neutral undertone.  It has "Glow" in the product name, but aside from a very silken finish on the sheen, it doesn't add any shimmer or sparkle.  The bronzing liquid has a more straightforward warmer color.  It also has more overt sheen compared to the bronzing powder, but not as noticeable as the golden sparkles in the Sweet to Touch.

Really and truly Rouge Bunny Rouge has some of the nicest textures around for face products.  These newly reformulated and elegantly packaged highlighting powders are some of the nicest ones I own.  If you love subtly glowing highlighters that just make your skin look enhanced, one of these might need to make a home with you.  Man, it's going to be a pleasure wearing down these pretty pans with much loving use.

Have you tried any of the highlighting or bronzing products from RBR?  Which are your favorites?

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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