SUQQU Summer 16 Collection - Few Looks

>>this post features products provided by PR/Brand for consideration<<
I consider myself a person of average makeup application skills.  I enjoy the application process in general because the transformational process is just so darn fun.  I like neutral colors because they tend to be less goof proof but do enjoy a nice and bright something to feature.  I do indulge in bright colors but rarely have the practiced skill to execute a color-intensive look or the eye to coordinate a bunch of colors together.  I imagine that was some of what went so wrong when I tried wearing EX-30 Hekikai.  I actually wore this palette in different placement over many days, but haven't yet found a look I liked.  

Here is one to prove I'm cool plastering my unfinished and subpar look with Hekikai.  Not sure why this foundation looks so light.  I think I would have looked better with some blush and some lip color but I kind of look ghastly.  I don't these blue- and green-toned and high-contrast shades are my thing. Theoretically, this palette can be vastly more wearable by wearing the bright tones as accents such as by wearing the aqua or dark navy just on the lash lines, too.

On the much more wearable end of the spectrum, here is one of the limited edition Eye & Cheek Color Compacts.  This is EX-01 Rikkakou.  I am also wearing the Color Balm crayon in EX-01 Suzubeni.
It's a very subtle and overall wearable take on neutrals and pinks with shimmer on the eyes and gleam on the cheeks.

Of the two Eye & Cheek Color Compacts, I prefer the EX-02 Natsuyuuka.  I like that the dramatic and deep shade of the two eye shadows is enough to just define the eyes a bit (as I did in the look below) or go full on as a smoky eye.  The peachy tones in the blush pan and the coordinated soft tone of the Color Balm Crayon in EX-02 Tsuyasango are nicely flattering on the yellow tones of my skin.

The UK-exclusive EX-31 Gyoukou is probably my favorite of all of these.  I didn't shy back from going whole hog with the placement or the colors and used a very extended wing of the brown and orange shades.  And I used the gold to dust some textural interest to the inner corners and sweeping slightly up and outwards.   I don't recall the blush shade, but I probably used a very nude shade so I can keep the interest on the eyes and lips.  The lip color is the limited edition Creamy Glow Moist lipstick in EX-20 Hyakudaidai.
I believe the words out of my kids' mouths when they saw me wear this last weekend were: "Wow, mom.  That's bright."  And they were right!  I found that all the UK products look much better on me with more tanned skin.  I picked up quite a bit more color in just a few weeks of soccer mom-ing and softball spectatorship and from my first application on my pasty winter skin to warmed up spring skin, the looks appear less stark and much more wearable.
Many thanks to SUQQU for providing all these products for me to play with and try.  Online Selfridges is out of stock of the UK exclusive products.  The online folks seems to pre-maturely release goods (without fanfare) and immediately sell out causing all sorts of ire among people trying to order online (like all of us not living in the UK!).

The launch happened this week and there's still availability at the counters.  International orders can be made at the London Selfridges.  You can email to inquire about availability or call the counter directly: +44 (0) 207 318 3956.

Have you picked up any of the new collections this summer?  How are you wearing these brights and new textures?
Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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