SUQQU UK Exclusive Summer 16 Color Collection

>> Products featured in this post have been provided by the brand/pr for consideration <<

Today I'm excited to share some product photos, swatches and comparisons.  SUQQU is releasing a capsule of summer bright delights that is exclusive to the UK.  Hmm, perhaps SUQQU has heard all the clamoring for saturated color and more mattes because with this collection, it is here in full.

Some information for you.  You can refer to the post I made that had some press information regarding color inspiration and product information.  These are all press samples and very generous ones at that.  I am excited to see all these bright shades and also excited to give you this preview.  You can find the collection at Selfridges on April 28th.  Best bet would be to give them a ring at the counter (if you are want to order) or visit the counter.  They are having an event on the 28th to launch this new collection.
Of the collection, I received the two Limited Edition Blend Color Eye Shadow palettes, EX-30 Hekikai and EX-31 Gyoukou and two of the Limited Edition Creamy Glow Moist lipsticks in EX-20 Hyaku Daidai and EX-21 Senka.

First up, I'd like to show you the limited edition shades of the lipsticks.  The Creamy Glow Moist lipsticks from SUQQU are known for their plush balmy textures AND their sheer colors.  The finish varies from softly glossy to slightly matte, but these ones for Summer have amped up pigmentation without sacrificing that lovely balmy feel on the lips!

When they say more pigmented, they are totally serious.  One swipe of the bullet creates a near opaque swatch.  EX-20 Hyaku Daidai is described as a vivid coral shade, but I think it is more of a straight up orange.  Juicy and vibrant for sure.  I don't think you can see in the swatches because of the light reflecting so strongly, but it has a near metallic finish on me.  I don't think I've ever used a metallic finish lipstick from SUQQU before.  The finish kicks up the impact of the color on my lips to a whole 'nother dimension.  I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this color or the finish.  The formula itself is superb as always and plush and comfortably balmy on the lips.  I can't actually feel any grit from the shimmer particles either.  It's a shade that looks much better blotted down on me.

EX-21 Senka is much more my jam.  Jam.  Now I'm hungry for toast and jam.  Medium pink that's slightly blue leaning without being searingly cool.  It has just enough translucency to be a easy wearing mid-pink shade (unlike say, Kyoganoko).  Gorgeously brightening and of course the lovely Creamy Glow Moist formula with more oomph from the pigmentation. 
I feel like I'm looking at a hot weather tropical cocktail.
I know you've been waiting for a good long look at these eye shadows and I am here to do your evil bidding.  I have many mixed emotions about these eye shadow quads.

The Good:
  • When we said we wanted more mattes, SUQQU delivers!  Each of these palettes feature 3 matte shades and one high shimmer one.
  • We said we like things that are pigmented and holy crap, they gave us some more pigmentation!
  • We like bright shiny colorful things we said, so they LIT up the makeup vanity with super bright summer colors!
The Bad (or the Difficult):
  • Woah bright.  I like how eye-candy appealing everything looks.  It's very easy to be lead to buy because ZOMG bright!  But when I think about how often I'd get wear out of EX-30 Hekikai and EX-31 Gyoukou, I'm pretty sure I am a neutral(ish) person at heart.
  • The quality of these two palettes varies AND within the palette.  Hekikai, which is the one that stole my heart isn't consistently smooth and easy to apply or blend.  The orange-dominant Gyoukou is much more strongly and consistently pigmented and smoother in feel.

EX-31 Gyoukou
First lets show the orange cream soda version, which is EX-31 Gyoukou.  This is a consistently beautifully made palette.  The white, orange and brown are smooth and richly pigmented mattes.  The brown is slightly drier than the other two, but overall are silky.  That warm bright orange is out of this world bright.  The warm golden shade is packed with pale gold shimmer which applies sheer with the initial application but easily built up.  

While not easy to wear, this quad has impressed me with its vibrancy and richness.  You can see though, that the warm dark brown requires a bit of patience to apply smoothly.
This quad has enough depth and variety as well.
Warm toned eye shadow palettes are not unusual for the brand.  I picked out two other quads to compare with Gyoukou.  15 Mitsucha (here here and here) and 03 Matsukasa (here).
The yellow gold and the orange are particularly unusual compared to the others.  Gyoukou also has the most intense pigmentation of the three swatched here.  Mitsucha is all shimmers and applies more sheerly overall so that the general finished effect on the eyes is more of a wash than a statement.  And lovely, special Matsukasa has that perfect texture balance across mattes, satin and high shimmer (with depths of colors) for incredible versatility.
I'm still playing around with Gyoukou, so I will post looks later on.  Suffice to say, if impact is what I want, impact is what I get!  I'm trying to master a glowing warm summer sunset look.  That's my plan.

Oh Hekikai.  You broke my heart a little bit.  EX-30 Hekikai has a bright cool color mix.  Again, like the other palette, this one has three matte shades: a white, a deep cool navy and a citron yellow.  Here's what kind of made me sad: the navy was kind of chalky and applied unevenly.  It does have the same smooth feel as I would expect from SUQQU mattes.  It took a few swipes to lay down the swatch evenly in the photos below.  I kind of feel like white is a non-color and use them as a smoothing base before applying other colors.  I don't really have any thoughts on it.  The citron yellow shows up on my skin, but my skin seems to drain all the green out of it and make it appear a more straight forward yellow.  The bright turquoise is a star.  Like the yellow gold in Gyoukou, it can be applied from sheer to near opaque with incredible vibrancy.
Stunning shades.
Why you not all smooth?!
Other fellow beauty lovers, equally and visually awestruck may also feel a feeling of deja vu.  Have we seen this dinosaur before?  Have we Addicts seen a dinosaur 80's artist version of this color combination before?  (yes and yes)
In 2013, Addiction released a few limited edition palettes including Soda Lunch.  That palette pretty much sold out in the blink of an eye.  But with my so-fast-nearly-invisible PayPal skills, I nabbed that on Ichibankao.  Pretty close looking, don't you think?
Not dupes, but for any of you that really only wear neutrals, if you have Soda Lunch, I'd say you have filled your makeup collection niche for turquoise / yellow / white / purple(blue) quads.  Maybe.
They are not identical colors and the individual shades do not have similar finishes either.  The Soda Lunch turquoise is matte, it's white is a warmer and shimmered shade.  The purple is a gorgeous blurple and the yellow is a sweet bright canary yellow unlike the citron of Hekikai.

Really you got to be a makeup nut and look at these two palettes and call them different, but they are DIFFERENT (ish).  I can still totally see how this palette will be a total collector's item.  Regrets may become stifling if you do not pounce, and I mean this in the kindest and gentlest way.
SUQQU has brought out a really fun and vibrant collection that captures Summer in a few sleek black cases.  Have they caught your eyes as well?

I'm still playing and experimenting with placements.  It's not like I wear non-neutrals very often so I will play play play and then post post post some more photos for you.  You can check our Sara's post on the UK Exclusive collection here.  She's posted swatches and some looks!

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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