ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Antigo

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I have a wonderful and long-term (but not always monogamous) love affair with Rouge Bunny Rouge's eye shadow singles.  I have a giant Z Palette full of them.  Many of their formulas are so pretty on the lids and ranging from neutrals to brighter shades, I can be very happy with just those.  In fact, when I travel, I compose my own little quads or trios along with a blush into a small Z Palette and use that for the duration of my trip.  Among my favorites, in particular are the matte shadows from RBR.  When I first heard about this new Antigo* palette, I was under the impression that the shades would be all mattes and nearly had a heart attack stemming from unbridled joy.  Then I learned that the formula wasn't matte, but kind of matte-ish.

Before I talk about the formula, let's show you this luxurious case, which just like the face powder products are in a hefty black case that is firmly held closed by magnet.  And this design on the shadows!
This heavenly design....!
Rouge Bunny Rouge is upping its game so that makeup lovers that love pretty things would make a small shrieking sound while dragging a brush or a swatching finger across the abstract zigzags that run across the surface.  *dogs all around the NY Tri-State area prick up an ear*  But has to be done.

I was honestly excited when I swatched these shades.  Honestly.  I consider myself a tad jaded about most things and hyperbolic statements equating makeup and butter.  I mean... seriously.  But these were so very nice.  The way the shades softly melt and hug the skin was really impressive.
Let's talk shades and formula now.

  • The palest shade applies more white on my skin than appears in the pan.  It is a neutral vanilla.
  • Cool mauve pink shade, which seems a little disjointed in terms of color harmony with the other shades.  But in practical use terms, it works as an excellent main lid shade.
  • Dark neutral brown, with a slight golden sheen.
  • RBR calls this final shade a cafe-latte brown taupe, and this one is a gorgeous taupe of medium brown and grey.  This shade has the most sheen to the finish.
The soft and light feel of the application is truly marvelous.  When applied with a soft squirrel brush, the color payoff is much softer than what you see in the swatches.  Applied softly, this palette can be used for create a real polished look on the eye, very soft and just slightly defined.  With tight-lining and some mascara, it's a great everyday neutral look.

By varying tools, say by using a firmer goat haired brush, the color payoff can be intensified even more so.  And why using a damp applicator, you can get a stronger, more darkly pigmented color payoff, which takes on a stronger sheen to the finish.

I loved how it looks on the skin so much that I started a Youtube channel just to show the swatches in motion.  No need to subscribe. :)  I just wanted to preserve the video quality and show the texture.  I can't imagine doing haul videos or anything ever.  On the other hand, *imagines fame and fortune as YT Belly Personality.*

In any case, I hope you can see how flattering the texture is on the skin.  The finish is certainly not matte, as I mentioned before.  RBR calls it a satin matte texture and it is definitely satiny without as noticeable glitter or any shimmer.  It reflects light softly to give that slight flattering sheen.  And movement creates some beautiful dimensionality that adds a little special something!

I mentioned the shadows can be applied with a damp applicator.  The swatches on top are dry and the ones below are the same shades applied with a damp MAC 217 brush.  It makes the color appear more saturated and deeper and slightly intensifies the sheen.
I actually prefer the very soft application on my eyes.  I've been using this over and over the last few weeks and really love the elegant effect.  It's pretty much a no brainer type of shades which is made just exquisite by the gorgeous finish.  It is very soft when applied with a squirrel type brush, but again can be made more intense.  You should be prepared to play around to get to the depth and saturation you are looking for.  I am most fond of the nude and natural look the most with Antigo.

Here's a look from today where I used a damp applicator.
I am also wearing the Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in Goddess* that was shown in the last post.  I am also wearing a combination of RBR blush in Gracilis, a cool mauve pink and Delicata, a pinkish nude shade.  I actually used a combination of the two dark shades in this Antigo palette as a contour shade under my cheekbones.  The lip color I am wearing is Hevyn* from Surratt.

I might have gone a little overboard with the contour there!  *sweats*  Antigo's palest shade would actually make a nice highlighting shade for the face, too!
I posted this on IG but wanted to show off that super pretty glow from the highlighting powder Loves Lights in Goddess.
I'm very grateful to RBR for all the recent goodies I've got to try.  I'm also excited to share their new brow product with you soon.

For my neutral-loving and texture obsessive mindset, this palette from RBR is perfection.  I would love to see more singles in this new formula, too.  Am I being greedy now?

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Disclosure: this post features product (*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

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