Wayne Goss Air Brush vs. SUQQU Cheek Brush Comparison

I thought I'd celebrate with a post.  What am I celebrating?  I'm celebrating having actually purchased a beauty item the first time in a long while.  I can barely recognize myself in the mirror and wallet anymore.  I've become vaguely normalized.  Not so normal though, that the whispers of a pretty new brush wouldn't tug at my heartstrings (and wallet clasp).

Wayne Goss is well known across the beauty blogosphere as a Youtube makeup artist celebrity and of course for his own line of Japanese crafted brushes.  Even more than Troy Surratt with his very high price point and luxurious range, Wayne is really bringing interest for hand-crafted Japanese brushes to a wider level of general interest for consumers.  Probably because I already own a large array of fancy pants brushes already, the Wayne Goss line hadn't truly interested me.  I am also not too keen on the very aggressive marketing, but when I heard about the Air Brush, I sniffed the scent of a "good deal."

This Air Brush is a limited edition item from the line and is available from Beautylish for $35 (here, non-affiliate link).  It's a blue squirrel paddle-shaped brush that is designed for the multipurpose practicality of applying highlighter, contour, brush and then air brushing the whole thing into flawless blended perfection.  Or just as a powder brush.  Hard to say if it is all that and a bag of chips but, it does bear striking resemblance to the brush that started my love affair (oh, I tell you the truth: my unhindered spending craze for Japanese brushes), the SUQQU Cheek Brush.  The SUQQU is a few times the price of the WG and the resemblance is high, so it seems like a logical step to make the purchase, no?

I leave it to you to check and compare.  The brush head has a similar rounded tip and a general paddle shape.

Close up, you can see the the Wayne Goss Air Brush is slightly smaller in size.  The ferrule on the Wayne Goss is also pinched a little tighter.  
The difference in brush shape is a little more pronounced when turned on its side.  This unwashed Wayne Goss is much flatter than the SUQQU, more blade like that the SUQQU Cheek.  The price difference does make more sense to me now since the amount of materials used (namely the hairs in the Air Brush vs. the Cheek brush) is much less.
The tight crimp on the ferrule of the Wayne Goss makes it feel like a denser and more uniformly bundled brush than the SUQQU which has a definitely airy feel.  The Wayne Goss IS super soft but has more resistance and boing without sacrificing softness.  It feels beautiful on the skin.  I like that turning the brush to its narrow side and give me some precision (such as contour work under the cheekbones) and then using the flat paddle side to cover larger areas and planes of the face (for say, setting with loose powder on my forehead as an example).  I think for blush, I like the looser bundling and rounder shape of the SUQQU because I can get a more diffuse placement of color, but I think this is more about preference than quality or functionality.

Hello!  $35!  If you have any vague inkling with money to spend, the Wayne Goss Air Brush is a great buy.  I'm not sure any brush is going to take over the SUQQU for me in terms of Gollum-level precious, but Wayne Goss's limited edition Air Brush sure is a fabulous multitasking brush to own.

I don't know why such a brush needs to be limited edition though.  The hyped up marketing touting "LIMITED EDITION" is really irksome.  And that some of WG's previous limited edition brushes make it into the permanent line could make one unsure whether to run and buy this Air Brush RIGHT NOW and then CLICK AGAIN to buy a back up brush, or wait until it comes back because maybe it will?  Grrr.

Anyway, unrelated to this at all, I am working on opening up a big blog sale.  While I can never Marie Kondo-level right size my stash, I'm working on opening up my makeup drawers and feeling a little less overwhelmed by the amount of choices.  Hope you will stick around and shop my sale when it opens up.

I highly recommend you check out Sonia's post on Sweet Makeup Temptations because she's done an incredible job comparing the Air Brush to many other brushes.  Any peek at her beautiful brushes is always a treat.

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