I recently discovered a feature on my camera which allows a mobile device to be used as a camera remote and also shows the image on the phone screen.  Nifty!  Un-nifty is that I've had this camera for a few years now and just realized I had this feature.  Why it's only in the last year that I can wirelessly send photos from camera to my phone.  Isn't technology grand!

I spent a bit of time yesterday updating my camera's firmware and installing the new remote feature.  While I was playing around with the remote, I took a photo of my face in an unguarded moment.  Talk about no makeup!

This certainly isn't the most attractive photo of me.  This is exactly the type of photo that would never make it onto this blog (usually)!!  I think it's also telling that the first photo I take with this feature is of my mug.

I started thinking about the years I've been operating my blog and the number of photos of my face I've posted online:  likely and literally hundreds.

For each photo that makes it to a blog post, I've probably taken ten others that didn't make it.  If I had to choose between two photos to post, one with color and texture accuracy with an unflattering face


a good-looking photo of my face with passable makeup accuracy, I would probably have to ponder a long, long time.  You can judge for yourself what I end up posting. ;)

I began to consider the oddity that is this beauty blog.  Aside from the regular beauty blog duties like swatches and writing about color, texture and performance, I spend a lot of time trying to take photos of myself that look the best.  This best is probably a fleeting moment that only exists in digitized photo form and rarely in my real life.

Such an odd box of an imagined life this little beauty blog is!

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick - 01 Kurumibeni, 06 Beniakane, 09 Yoikajitsu

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick - 01 Kurumibeni, 06 Beniakane, 09 Yoikajitsu

Looks Featuring SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in EX-32 Rengazome