CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow in 268 Candeur et Experience - Le Rouge Collection N 1

I don't find myself to be a huge Chanel fan, but some of the recent collections look super appealing even if they don't end out working and end up in the giant blog sale pile. (here and here)  Chanel's new creative director Lucia Pica has created a fabulous looking collection with this Fall's Le Rouge Collection N. 1.  (would there be a 2 and 3?)  It seems to also fall right in line with the recent profusions of red and very warm toned collections and palettes out there like Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance palette.  *scritches beard*  I'm sure there are others, but I'm a little myopic with my interests.

There were several pieces from this collection that really appealed to me, including the Joues Contraste blush in Rouge Profund and one of the several red lipsticks from this collection.  Having learned a bit about making more considered and modest purchases, I ended up with just this one: the eyeshadow palette Candeur et Experience.  What I liked the most about this right off the bat was that all the shades were mattes.
The colors are warm and eye catching.  While I wasn't impressed with the new baked formulations from Chanel, I'm pleased to report that these mattes pass the test.  Why, the Belly test is mostly an amalgam of weird and disparate criteria, but:

  1. Nice cohesive color combination.  Check.
  2. Crazy looking accent shade that doesn't apply neon with crazy pigmentation.  Check.
  3. Ultra smooth and fine textures.  Check.
  4. Blends easily.  Check
  5. Pleasingly high-quality enclosed applicators.  Woopwoopwoopwoop.  <--siren blaring.  Negatory.  What's with a 61 USD luxury item with two dippy sponge tip applicators?
Here are some swatches.

The red shade is the most interesting in the quad of course, but applied on my skin, it takes on a russet look that amps up the other more sedate warm brown and tan shades in the palette.

The pigmentation isn't very intense, but from the lightest tan to the darkest brown, each have different enough depth to stand distinct from each other.  Gradient looks would be easy with this palette, pretty much making mad blending unnecessary.

The matte texture on each shade is perfect.  They are not in the least chalky and supremely smooth.

In the placement below, I wore the red as the main lid shade and used the light tan in the crease and to blend the red upwards.  I used the medium brown shade in the outer third and used the darkest brown to define around the eyes.
Here's with my whole face.  
And one more view of the wonderful warm shades.

What did you catch of this new Chanel collection.  Any super warm eye shadow palettes getting you hot and heavy?

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