Looks Featuring SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in EX-32 Rengazome

I did an earlier post that shows fully details the new limited edition eye shadow palette that SUQQU released with their Autumn Winter 2016 collection.  Here are two looks I did with the palette, one a bit better executed than the other.  I find reds a bit tricky in terms of placement and I don't have such an artistic streak that placement ideas come easily or naturally to me!  

First up, I tried to use the red in a less intuitive way and placed in the inner corner.  :D  I wouldn't call it a complete fail, but it does look a bit as if I am suffering from a mild case of eczema or an intense case of conjunctivitis.
Good thing that the colors are so easy to blend and wearable (for a red!) that I still wore it to work and didn't feel too weird.  The khaki olive shade was used as a main shade, all over the mobile lid and on the lower lash line.  The darker brown was used to slightly deepen the crease and also along the lower and upper lash line for definition.  The light shade was placed just in the center of the upper lid.

This second look is more in line with how I would normally wear a palette like this.  Layered but where each shade doesn't completely overlap the others so that I can get all the various complex gradations I love in SUQQU.  These pictures are a bit dark.  Morning getting ready and blog photo taking tends to be a harried affair!
Ah!  I love this quad!  Red was used all over the mobile lid, the dark brown along the upper and lower lash line layering the red.  And then the olive in the crease, slightly overlapping the red on the mobile lid and layered again over the dark brown on the lower lash line.

Did you also pick this up from SUQQU's AW2016 collection?  What placements have you been enjoying?

While it is no longer in stock on Selfridges website, you can still give the counter a ring to check its availability.  I suspect with the high demand, it may be out of stock there.  In the UK, you can also contact Harrods and Fenwick.


SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes