SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-32 Rengazome

>> this post features a product provided without charge for my consideration<<
I've been given yet another opportunity to blather on about my favorite brand with products with the upcoming AW 2016 release.  I'm truly grateful for this because it would be very difficult to actually purchase everything (without hmmm... forgoing lunch for the next few years).  

Honestly, if I were to go for a warm eye shadow palette with a shot of red and have to pay for it this season, I would have gone for this one and not Rengazome.  Please don't report me to the brand, but the all-matte textures in the Chanel Candeur and Experience palette seemed to me a more versatile choice than this SUQQU.  We should look at Rengazome on its own merits, though, right?
For those of you new to the SUQQU brand, their numbering convention is pretty simple.  Each time they release a new palette, the number associated with that palette goes up by one.  When there is a limited edition item released, it is prefaced by "EX."  EX-32 would mean this is a limited edition Blend Color Eyeshadow palette and it is the 32nd in a series of limited editions.

Recent releases from SUQQU have been all about various levels of shimmer, shimmer and glitter in all iterations.  This is a return to form with a dark matte shade that grounds the shimmer and the accent red shade.
I will yammer on about shade, texture and quality in one go because for me, it's usually the combination of all those factors make SUQQU one of the best out there.  ("best" being super subjective, of course.  And Belly Best is not always Best for All.)
Swatches clockwise from the upper left:
  • An Olive if you will.  And if you won't because you are ornery and need accuracy in color descriptions, a Khaki.  It is warm and shimmery with all sorts of multi-color shimmers.  This shade has excellent pigmentation, going fully opaque easily OR can be layered lightly over other shades to create amazing complexity.  I love this shade.  For me, in this palette, I live and ded by this Kholive?  Okhaki?  
  • A warm red that is more satin in texture and more translucent but still with strong pigmentation.  Silky and fine can can be used as a point highlight or for more judicious slathering.
  • Warm champagne shimmer with lots of white gold and cooler yellow gold shimmer.  (some pink and green and and and)
  • Deep dark matte brown.  The crocodile embossing in the pan is a nice detail but after a few enthusiastic uses by this blogger, was quickly obliterated.  I find this one very pigmented that even with a squirrel brush (the SUQQU M, in fact), I was surprised by how much color was deposited on my lids.  I've had some quality and texture issues with the mattes in the Summer exclusive palettes, but this brown was very smoothly applied over my usual Nars Pro Prime eye shadow primer.
There's all sorts of beautiful shades that emerge when you layer these shades.  I show a thoroughly blended version of the Olive, Red and Brown (on the right side of this photo).  But the real special magic happens in the soft layers where the transition between one shade to another combine for a special nuance, and where two shades overlap and then overlap a third shade.  And the beauty is a matte mingling with a satin with a shimmer and where interesting color combinations adds a whole 'nother level of AHHHH!
Super warm shades (like red) are not really my thing but with my tanned summer complexion, they are very flattering and easy to wear.  I've rounded up a few palettes and shadows that you might like to see compared.
The most recent and obvious comparison would be to the Chanel Candeur and Experience, but with its all matte textures, it is different.  Also the quad is more thoroughly brown and tan toned (aside from the red) and the red in Chanel is more a deep rust than a red for me.

I was asked which of the two I prefer, the SUQQU or the CHANEL.  By far the SUQQU is more of the kind of finish and texture I prefer, but I think an all-matte from Chanel is pretty versatile for me.  It would be up to you, but I would imagine, texture preference and ease of purchase would be a factor.
My only regret is that dim morning light is hindering my ability to capture how I'm wearing it.  :)  We don't need to see that do we?  I will post it for you in a separate post.  Do love.  Do love Rengazome.
This beautiful quad launches, along with several other new releases on the 11th of August first at Selfridges and then onto Harrods and Fenwicks shortly thereafter.  I mentioned in an Instagram post that finding this online at Selfridges or Harrods tend to be a crap shot, but you can most reliably purchase one by either calling the London Selfridges counter or emailing .  More details on how to order here.
Sending many thanks to the UK team for letting me try this beautiful quad.  You've truly exceeded my expectations with this beauty.  And you can also check out my full disclosure statement here!

Have you tried any eye shadows from SUQQU?  Are YOU also trying to decide between SUQQU and CHANEL?  I would love to hear your thought process on how you select.  And what DO we think of red eye shadows anyway?  Wearable every day, or just a trend?

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