SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick - 01 Kurumibeni, 06 Beniakane, 09 Yoikajitsu

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick - 01 Kurumibeni, 06 Beniakane, 09 Yoikajitsu

Featuring products provided without charge by the brand/PR for my consideration

I am feeling all this pressure to get these AW 2016 Color posts up quickly, but I move really slowly!    I stress at the thought that any limited editions go out of stock while I do my blogging duties.  Most importantly, I want to be able to try everything a few times and take them through a normal day of wear before I declare anything.  While I keep on playing with the other eye shadow palettes that are releasing early October, I want to show you some lipsticks.

These are permanent new lipsticks that have been released, the Extra Glow Lipsticks.  I am pretty darn irate that my favorite Bright Up lipsticks are going the way of the dodo bird.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the discontinuations and potential axes.  It's extra sad when favorite formulas and shades go.  I am still sad about it, but I am glad that this new range of lipsticks, the Extra Glow Lipsticks are wonderful ones.  They feel somewhere in between the slippy original Creamy Glow and the creamier texture of the Bright Ups, with a dose of squishiness from the Creamy Glow Moists.

They are a bit clunkier looking than the either the Creamy Glow variations or the Bright Ups, in a blocky black tube and a shiny gold bottom.

I have a nude, a red and a berry!  All three of these colors are permanent so don't rush.  But they feel great on the lips.  Like I mentioned above, it feels like a nice amalgam of some nice qualities of each of the older lipstick ranges from SUQQU.


If you found the old Creamy Glows a little too slippy, the Extra Glows have a bit more grip on the lips when you apply.  It also has a smooth cushion texture that feels very emollient that never veers to greasiness.


It's not very long-wearing and about par to my expectations for colors with this level of juicy finish.  While not incredibly rich in pigmentation, it can reasonably be built up.  I would caution not going over-board and just enjoying the slight translucency because building up too many layers causes a thick layer on the lips that can be squished by pressing down the lips and is generally unappealing.

Swatches Ahoy!

Slightly different lighting here.  The finish of these lipsticks are undeniably plush and juicy!

01 Kurumibeni

is a warm yellow toned nude.  My tanned arms is amplifying the golden undertone because of its translucency, but it applies more neutrally on my lips (very mauve).  This is the sheerest of the three I have, but can definitely be seen on the lips.

06 Beniakane

is a bright warm red. Again, like the nude lipstick, appears warmer on my skin but less so on my lips.  Not a very unique shade, but the brightness is very welcome!

09 Yoikajitsu

is a cheerful berry.  It is a warm berry midtone pink.  This is probably the most opaque compared to the other two, but not in the least bit really opaque.

All the shades in the line up are non-pearl.  The shimmer is from the juiciness of the finish.

Turns out I've accumulated a giant hoard of SUQQU lipsticks in various formulas, so I'm putting them to good use and comparing these three Extra Glows to other similar shades.

Comparisons for 01 Kurumibeni.  It is a clearer, more translucent version of the old Creamy Glow Hiwada.

Comparisons to Extra Glow 06 Beniakane.  I have an embarrassing number of reds!  When did this happen?!  Note I've mislabelled EX-01 Saebara as a Creamy Glow Moist.  It is not, it is a Creamy Glow (so says my tube).  This one is from the upcoming UK color collection in October.

And for the Extra Glow 09 Yoikajitsu, our lovely berry.  It's a duskier version of the recent CGM Senka from this past SS16 collection.


Ahoy!  I am wearing each of the colors in the same order is I've reviewed.    

They feel amazing on the lips in many beautiful and wearable shades.  I'm loving these bright shades in the color range and also a soft wearable nude.    Anyway, I am also wearing the new Extra Glow Foundation and Treatment Primer which is coming out in September (ahhhhhmazing!) and also one of the dual ended liner pens.  Many more posts to come. ;)

Thanks to SUQQU and PR for allowing me to soothe my angry insides still mad about the Bright Ups with these gorgeous Extra Glow lipsticks.  These are wonderful.

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement 



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