What I've Been Up To

It's been far too long since I've been on the blog!  I've been packing my kids to head to camp, cooking, living, working and et cetera.  But since all of the above sound resolutely boring, I thought I'd be boring with pictures.

On the makeup front, look at DIS!

I hit major pan on the darker pink shade in the SUQQU Balancing Cheeks N blush in 02 Usuzakura (fully reviewed and swatched here).  Apparently, I really love this thing because I've done this in two years.  Of my many blushes, I seem to use this again and again but have just learned that with all the new AW 2016 releases coming up, these blushes are now discontinued.  I am besides myself with GAHHHHH!  To top off this news, SUQQU has also discontinued the Bright Up lipsticks.  I know they were never anyone's darlings the way the original Creamy Glows were, but I loved this formula and even though I complained about the softly colored range of shades, many of them were beloved to me.  I've swatched the ones I have here.

This would be my sadly discontinued FOTD.  Usuzakura 02 blush and Barairo 03 Bright Up lipstick for easy pale pinks that lean slightly cool.  Akanezora on my eyes (here).

On the skincare front, I've been prone to more dark pigmented spots from the sun or old zits and trying to work on fading those with vitamin C.  I've been using this since end of May and noticing some slight improvement for that purpose.  I think I'm a little sensitive to vitamin C in general, because I seem to get more clogged pores in weird places (like my temple) but so far liking the effect.

This Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is what I've been using.  It is grossly expensive (I think $160?), but I am using a work discount which makes it about half price and more reasonable.

On the beverage front, I had a great Bloody Mary to go with an excellent brunch recently.  A random beverage is a big deal for me since I hardly order drinks when I dine out, let alone an alcoholic one.  This one was bracingly horseradishy and very zippy and spicy.
A more typical beverage for me would be seltzer water at home that I might mix with grapefruit juice or a squeeze of lime.  I often add lime and mint to my seltzer water, but on this occasion I dressed up my seltzer with my homemade preserved cherries and added the syrup to make a cherry soda.


I've used my ice cream attachment on my Kitchen Aid exactly twice.  Here is time number two!  The preserved cherries also went into my ice cream, along with a bit of buttermilk for a tangy cherry ice cream.  'Twas very tasty.  Sadly, most of my household is lactose intolerant so we can only eat a bit (with a handful of Lactaid) to be able to enjoy any.

My little one is a huge green tea fan and loves it in all things.  We went out to St. Marks Place and had some dessert.  This is her pick:
The lava cake had a molten green tea oozy center.

and this is mine:
The pistachio ice cream was delicious.  The little cake square was a dense chocolate cake.


A work colleague recently picked up a bag of these when he was in Hong Kong and told me he was sad that this is not available in the US.  So I promptly found these at my local H-Mart (Korean grocery chain).  Of course, I can't read what the bag says, but they are nori-covered tempura batter pieces that are flavored with wasabi.  I can't begin to tell you the MSG-buzzy-JOY I feel eating these. 

 Being in New York City's Garment District, some old vestiges of older days remain, including a good Kosher deli.  A matzoh ball soup when under the weather is truly one of my most favorite dishes.  This matzoh ball is gigantic, but absolutely feather light.

Over the weekend, a local supermarket had a crazy sale on lobsters and I bought a few and steamed them.  I never cook lobster at home.  After reading David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster essay, it became increasingly difficult to stick them into a large hot pot.  Maybe not so difficult.  I ate two of these things which were small and not so full of meat.  And the left overs the next day were turned into a great lobster roll for the husband with a dab of Kewpie mayo and a squeeze of lemon.
 A big batch of pesto made one weekend keeps on giving!  My friend suggested I blanch the leaves first to keep them bright vibrant green.  One day I tossed with penne.  Another day, I gently cooked some chicken breast in the pan and finished with pesto.
 This past weekend, we spent some time at a park near the Tappan Zee Bridge and for an early dinner went to the Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hollow.  A sriracha fish sandwich and some beer battered onion rings to end a day catching Pokemon.

Really.  Why enjoy a beautiful day with scenic sites (like this here lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow) when you can be looking down at your phone all day catching these guys?

This is how I've been passing my time.  I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, too.  What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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