Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector

>>This post features product provided without charge by the brand / pr for my consideration<<

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector

I always like the idea of primers for foundation, much more in theory than in practice.  The last one I really liked was the SUQQU Treatment Primer, which is a very light textured one which impacts additional moisture to help prep the skin for foundation while also eliminating dullness.  I really like that one because it's so light in feel, but this one from Rouge Bunny Rouge might be something even more special.  I don't normally like layers and layers of stuff on my face, especially since I use so many layers of skincare.  But for this, I TOTALLY make an exception.

The Serene Light Skin Perfector is more than a hydrating primer.  The "perfector" part of the product name is the real deal.

This light-reflective, sheer and very subtly tinted primer is ideal to obtain an instantly freshened complexion.
Forget meticulous highlighting: the moment you apply Skin Perfector, its translucent opalescence creates a sculpting 3D effect, provides a flattering soft focus finish to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and brightens the skin tone.
— Rouge Bunny Rouge website

The pump dispenser mechanism is smooth and easy to control.  The small amount you see below is enough to cover my whole face in a light layer.  This Talc, Paraben and Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) free formula has a very light gel formula.  (First ingredient is dimethicone)  It is very smooth and easy to blend (a small amount really stretches to cover my giant head (I mean, have you SEEN my giant five-head?!)).  Feels soothing on the skin.

Un-blended blob of one small pump of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector

Un-blended blob of one small pump of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector

There is a a yellow-beige tint.  From below, you'd think it would leave a coverage, but blends away to nothing noticeably colored.  

RBR mentions something called "Diamond Core Powder" (heh, what a name!) that transforms UV light (like from daylight), into blue and green light, which mimics youthful skin.  It has the effect of minimizing the looks of discoloration on the skin as well as adding an even and (yes, darn it) perfected look.

I don't mean perfected as in a completely covered up spackled look.  I mean my best version of natural (un-makeup covered skin).  It actually reminds me of the Shu Uemura Stage Performer, which did something similar but leaving a slight white cast, which I didn't love.

See, blends away to what looks like nothing.

See, blends away to what looks like nothing.

Maybe I say it better with pictures.

Now, obviously, my bare skin is pretty good.  Most of the fine lines are not really noticeable (unless you're me and you're looking into a Simple Human mirror, magnified to the point of insanity and doom) and are minimized with good hydration.  I have some blotchy redness, some sebaceous filaments, some sun damage pigmentation spots and discolored spots from a round of cystic acne from a reaction I had to a skincare product.  (Aside: Deciem's  Hyalamide C25 really faded those acne marks!)

I hope you were able to see, my skin looks like my skin, just so much nicer!  I don't expect it to perform miracles, but for me it had just enough corrective and diffusing properties that I was really very impressed.  The Skin Perfector works well under foundation, providing a smooth surface for application, but it is particularly lovely on its own.  I love it applied and then topped with RBR's Diaphanous Finishing Powder.  Add a little concealer under my eyes, a little messy application of red lipstick and I can almost say: Yea, I woke up like dis.

There's several blogger discount codes floating around the webz, but feel free to use mine for a 20% discount on the RBR web shop.  RBR-wondegondigo20 works for all regions!


Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

Edited with some more swatch photos:

I was asked by Ann in the comments if this might work for someone with a very pale cool yellow / olive toned person.  I mixed with MAC Face & Body in White.  I hoped it would reveal the undertone better as well as lighten up the product enough for someone much paler than me (I'm around NC20 and getting a bit lighter these days).

Here's some photos:

Here's Serene Light next to MAC F&B in White.  It's not particularly warm golden, but does have a yellow + beige cast.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector and a blob of MAC F&amp;B White

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector and a blob of MAC F&B White

Now, I mix the products together:

It looks a bit more opaque and lighter.

Serene Light Skin Perfector mixed with MAC Face &amp; Body White

Serene Light Skin Perfector mixed with MAC Face & Body White

Oddly enough, when fully blended down into my skin, it still remained very lightly pigmented, though it did take on a slight paler aspect.  I actually applied it on my face as well just to compare: half with the mixture and half face with just the Skin Perfector.  It was noticeably paler mixed, but just by the amount of White that was in the mixture.  It seems that the tint of the Skin Perfector is so unpigmented that it takes on whatever pigmentation from the product mixed into it.

So Ann, go ahead and mix it with white.  You do lose some of the silky smooth blend ability from the other product (I can feel F&B doing its thickening and film-forming action), but you do retain a good bit of the skin perfecting capability.  You might even be able to wear it on its own due to its very light pigmentation.  Hope this helped!

Serene Light &amp; MAC F&amp;B White completed blended into the skin

Serene Light & MAC F&B White completed blended into the skin

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